Zayn Malik's mum has actually been 'liking' Instagram pics of her child with harry Styles. Picture: Getty

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Zayn Malik famously said he 'wasn't really friends' with harry Styles during his 1D days. Picture: Getty

In one old picture, Zayn deserve to be watched patting harry on the back, i beg your pardon the fan account has actually captioned: “Together they dulu so perfect.”

Tricia even clicked like on a Photoshopped snapshot of the boys’ faces blurred together.

Another old snap Zayn’s mum has actually ‘liked’ reflects him squeezing harry chin together he talks to the camera, alongside the caption: “It no seem they tidak pernah really talked.”

Some fans responded to say it looks prefer ‘all is well v Zayn and Harry’, given that his mum has liked the photos.

mammamalik liking posts about zayn and harry means so lot to me pic.twitter.com/r2ZaS0jyGw

— eᶻ³ | zarry's storage lane | fan account (

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Am i the just one that thinks Zayn and harry are def still friends cause no means Zayn’s mother would be liking articles about harry if castle didn’t really fw one another??? Or am i buggin

— zarry. (

It sure melakukan sound every is well v Zayn and mengganggu seeing Mamamalik liking Zarry posts and liking Harry's 10th anniv post.And ns think it's ideal if they hanya keep it to themselves. It's alright v me