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"I have Nothing" is a track by American singer Whitney Houston, released together the third single from The Bodyguard: initial Soundtrack Album (1992) top top February 20, 1993, through Arista Records. The track was written by David Foster and also Linda Thompson, and produced by Foster. The track is a richly orchestrated power ballad around deep love and also the man that happens to lovers due to the fact that of the different perceptions of women and men as soon as it involves commitment to one"s lover. ~ the back-to-back successes the Houston"s "I Will selalu Love You" and "I"m Every Woman," "I have Nothing" became yet lagi hit, peaking at mageri four top top the Billboard warm 100 and being certified yellow by the Recording industry Association the America. The song juga became a fight on the Billboard hot R&B Singles chart, v a mageri four peak, and also a number-one optimal on the Billboard Adult modern-day chart. Houston established lagi historic milestone in Billboard chart background with the two previous singles turn off the soundtrack and also this song, becoming the very first artist to have three songs inside the optimal 11 that the hot 100 chart in the very same week since the graph began penampilan Broadcast Data System and also SoundScan data in 1991. Internationally, the tune reached mageri one in Canada, the top five in Ireland and also the joined Kingdom, the peak ten in Denmark and also Portugal, and also peaked within the top forty in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, brand-new Zealand and also Switzerland. The received berbeda nominations, including for ideal Original song at the 1993 akademi Awards, for best Song tertulis Specifically for a Motion photo or television at the 36th Grammy Awards the 1994, and also for ideal R&B Single, Female in ~ the 1994 soul Train Music Awards.more »

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Share mine lifeTake me for what I am"Cause I"ll never changeAll mine colors for youTake my loveI"ll tidak pernah ask for as well muchJust all the you areAnd every little thing that you doI don"t really have to lookVery lot furtherI don"t want to need to goWhere you don"t followI will organize it back againThis passion insideCan"t run from myselfThere"s i do not have anything to hideDon"t do me near one an ext doorI don"t desire to pains anymoreStay in my arms if girlfriend dareOr must I imagine friend thereDon"t walk away native meI have actually nothing, nothing, nothingIf ns don"t have you, you, you, you, youYou watch throughRight come the love of meYou break dibawah my wallsWith the strength of your loveI never knewLove like I"ve well-known it v youWill a memory surviveOne I have the right to hold on to?I don"t really should lookVery much furtherI don"t desire to have to goWhere you don"t followI will hold it kembali againThis passion insideI can"t operation from myselfThere"s i do not have anything to hideYour love I"ll mental foreverDon"t do me near one much more doorI don"t desire to hurt anymoreStay in my arms if you dareOr should I imagine you thereDon"t berjalan away from meI have nothing, nothing, nothingDon"t do me close one an ext doorI don"t desire to hurt anymoreStay in my arms if girlfriend dareOr need to I imagine you thereDon"t berjalan away indigenous meNo, don"t walk away indigenous meDon"t friend dare berjalan away from meI have nothing, nothing, nothingIf i don"t have you, youIf ns don"t have actually you, oh, oh

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Whitney Houston Whitney elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) was an American record artist, actress, producer, and model. In 2009, the Guinness dunia Records mengutip her together the paling awarded female action of every time. Houston was among the world"s best-selling music artists, having sold end 170 million albums, singles and also videos worldwide. She released six studio albums, one vacation album and three movie soundtrack albums, every one of which have actually diamond, multi-platinum, platinum or gold certification.

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Houston"s crossover appeal on the renowned music charts, and also her prominence on MTV, beginning with her video clip for "How will I Know", affected several afri American female artists to follow in she footsteps. More »