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Hack the Piano is the necessary guide & backbone to every my lessons. Gain this bible of Pop-Piano, learn to know the language of music and express yourself just like the pros, without sheets by chords, by ear, by heart.

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A complimentary workshop ~ above music"s "6 layers" - just how to bermain piano without sheets and also sound favor you desire to

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Piano Couture is evolving. Bruno Mars is too. In ~ least; I’ve progressed my once I to be Your guy tutorial come a full fledged deluxe Tutorial v all parts now clearly explained.

In this post, hold a lot requested updated variation of this really popular tutorial of mine (over 450,000 Youtube hits at the minute of writing this post), links to the member version -which is this months totally free entry- including the sheets and MIDI (downloads) and the second explanatory video of this song’s lesson, to teach the bridge, I’ll tambahan tell you around a couple of updates (and I need your help! -takes 1 minute-).

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UpdatingI want to allow you recognize that I’ve to be awfully busy behind the scenes. Working on the Hack the Piano follow-up progressed Piano Hacks, tweaking and also improving stability and performance that the website -have you checked out the cool brand-new Facebook login option? No more typing in passwords for members when you affix your on facebook profile-, adding some new deluxe tutorials and I’ve been doing some much more performance videos singing / covering.

InstagramSpeaking of performance videos, I’m giving my Instagram a boost. Next to the kebenaran that I’ll be untuk membuat more usage of this for a much more ‘personal’ check out in mine life the learning, loving and living Pop-Piano berlari Piano Couture, currently that Insta has actually the choice to record videos the exceed its vault 15 second limit (60 sec maksimum now) I’m tambahan going to post an ext cover ‘snippets’ ~ above there, since 60 secs is a very nice length for those!

Vocal CoachingComing Monday I’m in reality going to mulailah taking to sing lessons with my friend and also astonishing vocalist Wieteke native Ann White! How about that!?