Vietnamese fans got soaked in the excitement after months when their team, the "Golden Dragons", won 4-0 in the first match of the Second Round, the 2022 FIFA World Cup – Asian Qualifiers, in Al Maktoum Stadium, Dubai, UAE on June 7.

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 Midfielder Nguyen Quang nhị (19). Photos: dantri

The goals came in the 51st minute by Nguyen Tien Linh, Nguyen Quang hai 62’, Nguyen Cong Phuong 67’, và Vu Van Thanh 74’.

The first half ended with a scoreless draw.

Vietnam led in possession through the second half with lots of attacks, opening with the score just six minutes after the players entered the match from halftime.

Forward Nguyen Tien Linh opened the first score when he received a long ball và escaped the guard of the Indonesian backline, conceding a goal after two attempts.

Vietnam doubled the score in the 62nd minute after midfielder Nguyen Quang nhì smacked a long-range shot lớn settle into Argawinata’s net as a result.


 Forward Nguyen Cong Phuong (10).

Less than three minutes later, Vietnam got the third goal after forward Nguyen Cong Phuong tapped in following a corner that was initiated by midfielder Luong Xuan Truong.

Midfielder Vu Van Thanh produced a sensational left-footed shot from the edge of the area in the 73rd minute to add his side’s fourth of the night, with the ball settling into the vị trí cao nhất corner, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) described.

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The result claims the "Golden Dragons" the top of Group G with 14 points after six matches, including four wins & two draws. It has two matches ahead on June 11 vs Malaysia và the host UAE on June 15.

Indonesian reported that the Indonesian national team or the Garuda squad was “crushed at the hands of Vietnam.” “The Garuda squad was slaughtered with four goals without reply.” “Mistakes after mistakes are often made by Indonesian players. Looking less calm, Shin Tae-yong’s foster children often release inaccurate passes so that Indonesia has not been able lớn break Vietnam’s dominance.” 

The Vietnam-Indonesia match became more interesting since both head-coaches Park Hang Seo of Vietnam and Indonesia’s Shin Tae-yong used khổng lồ be South Korean “rivals” in a series of matches at the K League 1 in the past.


 Forward Nguyen Tien Linh (22) (1st left) after scoring a goal.

The match ended with six yellow cards for Indonesia, including one for the head coach. The ferocious performance caused pains khổng lồ some of Vietnam’s players và sent Vietnamese Nguyen Tuan Anh out at the 35th minute.

However, Shin Tae-yong denied at the post-match press conference on June 8 that he directed his players khổng lồ perform violently.

“We vày not advocate violent kicks,” coach Shin said. “But sometimes the players themselves kick lượt thích that,” he told local truyền thông at the press conference that was held after the match.

In the 2019 SEA Games final, Indonesia lost to lớn Vietnam & they didn’t want lớn receive another defeat against Vietnam, so they went into the match and made it more intense than usual, he explained.

Vietnam’s coach Park Hang Seo said “Thanks to the players, but Vietnam still has two matches ahead with one of which must be won. The very next day, we’re going khổng lồ stop being infatuated and forget this win to lớn move on to lớn the next match.”

After matches on June 3-8, results by other Southeast Asian teams show that the Philippines lost 0-2 khổng lồ China, Singapore were defeated 0-5 by Uzbekistan, Cambodia vs Iraq 1-4, thailand lost 1-3 to lớn UAE, & Malaysia vs UAE 0-4.