Today we allude out a very nice applications that will certainly please all those who love to sing. Many thanks to the video clip Star application, you can shoot you yourself – or your friends – through recording her music videos attach by fabulous video effects.

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>You are a lover of sosial networks, and, often, throughout your free time, you choose to do videos v music and also effects and kemudian share castle on the video-sharing platforms you use.


For this reason, as soon as your friend told girlfriend about video Star, an application that enables you to do videos with photos, music, effects, filters, and transactions, girlfriend couldn’t hold kembali your enthusiasm. You wonder how to Download video Star APK, as you would prefer to know just how to make the most of that is features.

What is video Star

Video Star is a free Android, IOS app for transforming her videos. Indeed, Video Star allows you to add effects to her videos and perform editing to membuat hilarious musical sequences.

As a result, many thanks to Video Star, you will be may be to add a background sound from her audio library and also choose and add during, or before, the video an extensive series the effects. On the various other hand, Video Star allows you to pause throughout your record to add new effects.


With this mobile application, friend can membuat your video clip through your finger’s swipe on your smartphone or tablet. Film yourself together you want (including on a eco-friendly background), include your audio record and penyuntingan the video clip endlessly!

Indeed girlfriend can: adjust the colors, duplicate your picture on the video (create clones), create effects ~ above the video (appearance, rotation, box, …), but the elevator you desire in place of the environment-friendly background and animate it, mix numerous videos, repeat a segment, turning back the video, speed it up, adjust the contrast, colors, brightness,… every little thing your action, the favored music selalu stays perfectly synchronized!

Via a timeline system, you have the right to modify the video’s scrolling rate to slow it turun or rate it up to respect the synchronization curves. You will certainly make personalized montages by including stills or even by inserting photos. Numerous effects are accessible to individuals to make fun of music videos the look favor them.

Once your job is finalized, you can share it with your friend on your sosial networks: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram,…

How come Use, mengedit video

Video: exactly how to mengedit like a pro on video Star

To start using Edit video clip star, you must very first record or income a video into the timeline. After starting the app, to execute this, tekan the (+) button located in the top right corner and, in the menu that is presented to you, pick the video format that ideal suits your needs.

Now, tekan ke bawah the Select song button if you want to pick the backing monitor from those available to kemudian move on to the movie’s recording phase. Alternatively, if you’re walk to import a film presently in her device’s memory, tekan on Edit video, pick the movie of her interest, and kemudian press the Create Video button.

After pressing the Select song button, choose the song you choose by tapping on it and also confirm your selection by pushing the Create video button. If friend wish, you have the right to use the lagu purchased ~ above iTunes: to perform so, tekan the icon of a musical note. Alternatively, tekan ke bawah the video camera icon to usage the audio the a video stored in your device’s memory.

In the last case, after choosing the movie from which to extrapolate the audio, collection the end and mulailah times of the music, penampilan the Set start and Set end buttons, and adjust the playback speed ( Change ). Once you space satisfied v the final result, press the Create video button come confirm.

Record or import a video

After choosing the backing track, the Video Star timeline will certainly be shown. Now, tap on the Record video item, situated on the right, to record a movie ~ above the spot. On the various other hand, press the Import video item to import a movie present in your device’s memory. Melihat the Import Photos button, you can juga make a video with photos and music by importing photos from the iOS Photos app.

If you have chosen to record a video on the spot, her device’s former camera will certainly launch, and also you can apply filters and also effects in real-time. Execute you desire to record a video via the rear camera? No problem: press the gear icon at the peak left and kemudian tap on the video camera icon. In this section, friend can juga adjust the choices related come the countdown and the recording speed. Using the rear camera, you can also change the zoom ( 1X or 2X ).

Before starting to record, tekan on the stopwatch icon if you want to activate the hitchhiking function that immediately stops the recording: kemudian drag the cursor ~ above the timeline and press the Set button, to pick the precise minute in i beg your pardon the recording need to stop automatically.

Then choose the filters and also effects come apply: some have the right to see them in the food selection below, others by pushing the (+) button. After identifying among your interests, tap on the to apply it. Now, to mulailah recording, press the Record button located at the bottom left, then wait because that the finish of the recording (if friend have collection the hitch ) or tekan the Stop button to prevent it manually.


The recorded video clip will be visible on the Video Star app’s key screen, then press the button ( X ) in ~ the optimal right to leave the recording setting and play the recorded video clip by pressing the (▶ ︎) button.

Edit a taped or imported video

Have you recorded a video clip and currently want to edit it, or perform you desire to edit a video clip that you imported into video Star? In this case, closely follow the measures that I suggest in the complying with lines.

To edit a video recorded or imported into Video Star, choose it ~ above the app’s main display screen and then press the scissors icon located in the bottom menu. Now, press on the musical note icon if you desire to change the backing track melihat the Tone Change (alter the audio), Pippa (apply predefined sounds), or Audio Fade Out (apply a fade-out) features.

If, top top the other hand, you want to penyuntingan the video, press the Edit button and select one of the countless features that space proposed come you by tapping ~ above it, relying on the change you desire to make to the video: Copy (copy the video), Paste (paste the previously duplicated video), Merge scenes (allows girlfriend to merge multiple videos added to the timeline via the Add button ), Quick break-up scene (used to split the video), Multi-split scene (split the video clip into many parts), Delete scene (in situation of many videos, delete the terakhir one added).

The other video Star features that you have the right to use are itu visible by tapping ~ above the New item: Record Video (used come re-record the video clip or a part of it), Import Video (used to income a video into the timeline), Edit Clip (apply filter and add effects to the movie), Re-Effect Clip (allows you to modify the filters previously applied), Transform Clip (adds spesial effects to the video), Mix Clip (in situation of much more videos added, it is tangan kedua to incorporate them and add transitions between themselves), Multi-Level Clips (in instance of multiple videos added, it is another tool that offer to integrate them).

Use all the devices mentioned over to mengedit the video according to your taste, experimenting freely and also creatively.

Save and posting ulang videos.

After editing and enhancing a video with Video Star, you deserve to save it to your an equipment memory or share it in lagi app. Come proceed, choose the movie ~ above the main application screen and press the posting ulang icon located in the bottom menu (the symbol of a square with an increase arrow ).

In the food selection that is shown to you, tekan the Send to a Camera role item if you desire to conserve the movie in the default media galeri of your maker (the iOS Photos app). Alternatively, tekan ke bawah on the items sending out to YouTube, Send to Instagram, Send to TikTok, Send via email.

The fun from video creation application

1. Effects and filter options

Video star brings number of fun effects for friend to apply to her photos and also videos before you even take the shot.

At first, the application offers lima options because that you come use, consisting of the applications of colors, various types of distortions, and also duplication the the picture on the screen.

However, friend can juga buy much more filters and also distortions. For this, Video star++ APK attributes a button that bawa pulang you straight to the developer’s store, where other items are available.

All recordings do from VideoStar must have background music. However for that, you have to use resmi songs, which have been purchased native iTunes, because that example, since the application melakukan not accept records that are not original.

Video star also offers lainnya function that permits you to untuk mengambil captures without holding the machine in hand. Intend you want to leave her iOS sustained somewhere to do an auto film. In the case, friend only require to accessibility the use that allows you to schedule the recording time to mulailah and end automatically.

2. The main user interface is rather nice

The Download VideoStar mod APK interface is beautiful, pass a very cheerful appearance to the application. However, the lack of a logical organization of the buttons means that the attributes are not presented, untuk membuat it daunting to use the program.


In part cases, the bertindak are juga not really well stood for by the buttons. An instance of this is as soon as it is not possible to recognize if the video Star is record or only presents a preview of what will be filmed or photographed, as there is no clear indication ~ above the screen.

3. Supports multiple platforms

Available for download indigenous the AppStore only for iPhone and also iPad devices untuk berlari iOS 11.0 or higher, video Star is a complimentary app v advertising. The applications is totally free and gives access to particular features. A subscription is important (three tipe of subscription follow to her desires).

If you have an Android an equipment and are searching for a video clip editing tajuk rencana that supports your audio files, understand that over there is a mobile variation of Adobe Premiere Pro easily accessible on the play Store: Adobe Photoshop.

This lightweight applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows allows you come have simple video editing and enhancing features, with the krim of importing assignment taken straight from your smartphone or tablet.

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4. Highlights of C ++ version

Create videos v beautiful impacts easily.There are thousands of new effects the the developer is constantly updating.You can adjust the color, size, and also animations.There is a Premium / agree premium feature that you deserve to buy or use for complimentary from APK.Has a Multi-Layer effect.The app lets friend use countless unique effects.