If you"re currently untuk berlari Windows 7 and want to upgrade to home windows 8.1, the process is reasonably easy melihat Microsoft"s upgrade Assistant utility. However, there room a few things you have to know sebelum going ahead through the upgrade. The main thing to know is that, uneven upgrading home windows 8 come 8.1, her files and data will transfer, yet you"ll should re-install all of your software application applications. Here"s a watch at what you should know, and the actions to ambil to do the process as easy and also seamless as possible.

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Before girlfriend begin

On word: Backup. While your folders and also files will ideally come with you throughout the upgrade, if something walk awry, you need to have actually your pictures, documents, and other crucial data donate up. Either create a local backup on an exterior drive, an offsite solution, or better yet, use both options. Also, because you"ll must re-install your desktop programs, make sure you have actually a perform of all of the license secrets for purchase software.Another action I recommend is verifying your home windows 7 system is up-to-date. Even if you have actually automatic windows Updates enabled, operation it manually again just to it is in sure whatever is good to go.


Upgrade to windows 8.1 through Upgrade Assistant

Microsoft allows you come purchase, download and also install home windows 8.1 over the web. If you have a sluggish internet connection or favor to update the timeless way, you have the right to purchase a physical copy too. Either way, the "basic" variation is walking to cost US$119, and $199 because that the pro version.

Download and run the windows 8.1 update Assistant. It"s a free utility indigenous Microsoft that will certainly scan your computer"s hardware, software, and peripheral tools (make certain they"re plugged in) and let girlfriend know maafkan saya is or isn"t compatible v the brand-new OS. For items that require your attention, click the an ext info link. Sejak your device is already berlari Windows 7, there shouldn"t be any kind of problems through it running Windows 8.1. Normally if miscellaneous isn"t compatible, you just need to upgrade a software driver or two.


After finding the end what"s compatible or demands your attention, just keep adhering to the update Assistant"s on-screen instructions. It offers you the choice to acquisition the version you desire to download and install. While the price are set for most users, Microsoft is offering students a discount and permits them to gain 8.1 pro for $69.99.


You"ll be asked to put in her billing information, and also after the you"ll acquire a product key. Make sure to copy it and keep the in a safe location in case you have to re-install home windows 8.1 in ~ a later time. During the upgrade Assistant procedures of installation, you"ll need to enter the product key.


Then windows 8.1 will certainly be downloaded. As soon as it"s finished you"ll check out the following display screen that permits you to membuat physical media. I recommend act this so you have actually a physics copy.


Continue adhering to the download wizard and also after agreeing to the kondisi of service, the procedure is the very same as upgrading home windows 8 come 8.1. Your computer will restart 2 or three waktu while the surroundings completes.

Wrapping up

After the update is complete, run Windows update again, as there will be a couple of updates for the new OS come install. Kemudian install the desktop programs girlfriend need. In fact, this is a good time to ambil inventory and also leave turn off the program you tidak pernah use anymore, because that a cleaner system.

Windows 8.1 bekerja untuk the experience of dinamis from home windows 7 less jarring 보다 the very first iteration of home windows 8. Windows 8.1 contains the awal button, and has terintegrasi settings that membantu you keep Metro the end of your way.

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