Ucapan hari ulang tahun 50, 60 Bahasa Inggris - hari ulang lima ke-50 dan 60 adalah ulang lima penting. Menulis atau mengirim ucapan selamat ulang tahun ke-50 dan 60 bisa enim sangat menyenangkan. Crowd orang yang bingung harus menulis ucapan hari ultah ke-50 dan 60.

Anda sedang menonton: Ucapan syukur di hari ulang tahun

Hari mengulang tahun

Hari ulang tahun ke-50 dan 60 adalah ulang lima tonggak sejarah. Dan sayangnya ini adalah ulang five tonggak last dari banyak orang. Karenanya akun itu dianggap kemudian ultah yang penting. Dari mereka dapat manfaat kesempatan ini buat mengucapkan selamat days ulang five ke-50 dan 60 kepada orang-orang lebih dekat dan tersayang menjangkau cara apa lucu atau dengan ucapan apa manis!.

Jika dari mereka mencari beberapa ide ucapan aku ulang tahun, anda berada di tempat apa tepat. Di sini anda dapat dengan sederhana mengetahui maafkan saya yang harus ditulis di kartu ulang lima ke-50 maupun 60.

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Anda dapat mengambil beberapa pesan atau ide yang diberikan di sini untuk mengucapkan days ulang lima ke-50 ataupun 60. Saat menulis ucapan dan harapan ulang tahun, anda harus sembuh hubungannya mencapai orang yang merayakan ulang tahun itu. Agar ucapan selamat ultah tersebut tepat sasaran. Berikut ucapan hari ulang lima 50, 60 Bahasa Inggris.

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Ucapan selamat aku ulang lima ke-50

"Congratulations! You have actually covered your life’s roadway to fifty percent of the century! great you to cover the remaining half joyfully and also in a healthy and balanced manner! senang 50th Birthday!"

"If her life would have been a dollar, friend would have been half spent. Unluckily, the kehidupan of paling people aren’t also a dollar. Happy 50th Birthday!"

"Believe that or not you’re fifty percent way come 100! means you have to celebrate 50 an ext birthdays to complete century! senang 50th Birthday!"

"I to be so proud to check out you celebrating her 50th birthday! may God keep you fit and healthy come celebrate 100th Birthday!. Happy 50th date of birth Sister!"

"It is much better to it is in 50 then just remaining 49 due to the fact that 50 is an easier mageri to remember than 49. Senang 50th Birthday!"

"I wish to pass you now luck, fortune, good kesehatan and my dreams to you. Might you have actually 50 more senang years come celebrate! senang 50th birthday Dear Sister!"

"I’m i m really sorry to call you the your 50 tahun warranty has actually expired on her memory, knees and back. However, her warranty for lifetime is still reliable on her heart. Senang 50th Birthday!"

"You can easily understand the you are 50 if the isi of cake is 50% wax! happy 50th Birthday!"

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"Hope girlfriend don’t mind now if the speed limit is the same as her age. Senang 50th Birthday!"

"There can be 50 factors for you to celebrate 50th birthday in an awesome way! have actually a exorbitant and khususnya 50th birthday! happy Birthday!"

"You have actually reached an er where you have the right to do something unexpected and surprise all. Wish you perform something special! Wishing you a very senang 50th Birthday!"

"On your 50th birthday I’m di sini to let friend know exactly how much ns love you, miss out on you and also think around you every day. You had been, and are still my dear lover sister and also friend. Wish you all the delight of the world. Senang 50th birthday Dear Sister!"

"God has made you perfect because that the past 50 years in bespeak to usage you for 50 more an excellent things in the continuing to be years of your life. Senang 50th Birthday!"

"Ahhhhh!’ You might make the sound while sitting on a chair from now on and ‘Uhhhhh’ kapan getting up! since you room 50! happy 50th Birthday!"

"God has offered you a beautiful wife, 2 obedient and also lovely children and so much kesuksesan in the last 50 years! I say thanks to God because that his kindness and wish to provide you much more happiness in the year ahead! senang 50th Birthday!"

"You space lucky that you are left with 10 an ext years to accomplish all the you menginginkan to accomplish sebelum age 60! great you kesuksesan and happiness! happy 50th Birthday!"

Ucapan selamat hari ulang lima ke-60

"You have reached an age when you don’t have to bother for your dress. You have the right to wear anything you desire now since no one is going come care. Congratulations on turning 60 and also wish you a happy Birthday!"

"You will need to be a magician to place 60 candle on your birthday cake! great you good happiness on her 60th birthday! senang Birthday!"

"When you were 30 you menjadi concerned about your career, marital life and also so plenty of other matters. Currently you space concerned around your hair fall, toothache, knee problems, etc. Happy 60th Birthday!"

"On your 30th birthday, I menginginkan you good career, success, good health, lots of kekayaan etc. And you got everything. On her 60th birthday i wish your hair doesn’t fall any kind of more; your knees doesn’t provide you any an ext trouble; her blood sugar doesn’t rise and also a lot an ext things! senang 60th Birthday!"

"You still look 50! Many rakyat want to know the secret of her fitness! great you a very senang 60th Birthday!"

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"At 20 you got girlfriend; in ~ 30 you got wife; in ~ 40 you menjadi having 2 children and also at 60 you got some wrinkles! happy 60th Birthday!"

"So what if you have actually turned 60! friend still watch young and also girls room fond of you. Great you to preserve your smartness and also fitness in the years ahead! senang 60th Birthday!"

"You space lucky! you are two decades behind come celebrate her 80th date of birth! You have the right to still behave prefer a kid and do numerous things which you couldn’t perform till now because of scarcity that time or whatsoever. But whatever you do, store your period in mind! happy 60th Birthday!"

"You don’t thrive old as result of age yet due come your negative thought. If you think you yourself young girlfriend will continue to be young even at the period of 60! senang 60th Birthday!"

"You space lucky the you have actually reached the period of 60 and still haven’t developed diabetes and also high blood sugar. May God keep you healthy and fit for the continuing to be years of your life in the same manner. Wishing girlfriend a grand 60th Birthday!"

"Congratulations! you are just 40 more years behind indigenous celebrating your century! senang 60th Birthday!"

"Congratulations! now you have menjadi senior citizen. Currently you can gain concession in several things! happy 60th Birthday! gain concessions and discounts!"

"Welcome come the sixties club. Now you space a an elderly citizen! senang 60th Birthday!"

"Now you have actually attained the age when rather would choose taking advice indigenous you. Therefore feel happy about her age! happy 60th Birthday!"

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Sekian artikel mengenai ucapan days ulang lima 50, 60 Bahasa Inggris. Dan ucapan happy birthday ini mendesak cocok ditujukan kepada orang başı sendiri, adik feminin maupun laki-laki serta bibi mupun paman anda.