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Watch ANTV TV news Channel Live digital Streaming. ANTV TV (Asamblea nationwide Television) is a privately own channel, it’s government licensed. ANTV was released on 1 march 1993. The head office is situated in Jakarta. And also broadcasting programs such as live news bulletins, report journals, declaring law programs, foreign companies advertisement. That broadcasting cost-free all over the dunia free come air cable or satellite. And also the sisters channel is TV7, Indosiar, TVOne, MNCTV. Furthermore, here you can also enjoy BINUS TV Streaming


ANTV TV is situated in Indonesia. It basically broadcasts Indian interpreted soap operas. In enhancement to that, the channel juga includes the infection from various other nations as well. The channel is a finish entertainment channel and you will uncover lots and lots of program from all across the world. The most important amongst them is indigenous Indian transmission.

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Most the the program are interpreted into the neighborhood language and also are later on broadcasted on national television. ANTV TV is may be to membuat a huge audience and also it is mainly because of the isi which attracts paling of the female viewers. The channel tambahan brings oriental dramas come its audience.


Approximately millions of orang tune right into the channel every day. This is the factor that ANTV TV is among one of the optimal hit channels in the country. Along with soap operas, the channel broadcasts other programs choose talk shows, truth shows, and music programs. A high-quality transmitter tower is present near the station office. It help to transmit the channel’s signals to remote places. Due to this reason, setiap orang who live in remote locations are juga able to gain the to chat programs.


ANTV TV has a totality team the the transfer crew i beg your pardon includes about 50 members. Castle are very professional and try their very finest to bring out the best stories for milik mereka viewers. The is no secret that ANTV’s popularity lies in the tangan of that is workers. They occupational day and night run the transmission on daily basis. They are expert in anda respective fields.

The team of anchors and also show hosts brings new light into the entertainment world. The anchor’s position is not simple place come hold. That is why these setiap orang are carefully selected to fit the demand of a an excellent communicator v well-rehearsed hosting abilities.

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Mobile app:

ANTV TV gift to you the best application for your mobile phone. You have the right to download the application on any type of of her android or iphone phone devices. The application helps you to stay linked with the recent happenings approximately the dunia as well.