As friend might currently know, there space few cara of getting to the city facility from Yogyakarta Adisucipto global Airport (JOG) in Indonesia. You deserve to travel through taxi, by train or by bus. Taking TransJogja bus is by far the cheapest way to gain from the airport to main Yogyakarta providing you the paling local feeling of traveling.

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Yogyakarta Adisucipto global Airport (JOG)

As lihat local publik transportation is our preferred method of traveling approximately the urban whenever we have enough time for it, we opted for acquisition TransJogja bus for gaining from Yogyakarta Adisucipto global Airport (JOG) to Jl. Malioboro (Malioboro Street) in main Yogyakarta.

Finding TransJogja Bus stop at the Airport

TransJogja bus stop is situated at the automobile parking the the airplane which can be quickly reached from residential terminal by going with the tunnel.

International Arrivals

If friend are getting here to Yogyakarta on an worldwide flight, girlfriend will find yourself at Terminal B of Yogyakarta Adisucipto global Airport (JOG).

Terminal B that Yogyakarta Adisucipto worldwide Airport (JOG)

For acquisition a bus you will need local currency (Indonesian rupiah – IDR). If friend don’t have actually any, change some money at the money changer discovered inside Terminal B building, just before the exit. More information about currency exchange in Yogyakarta have the right to be found here: money Exchange in Yogyakarta, Indonesia – ideal Money Changer.

If you’re willing to uncover TransJogja bus stop, at first you will need to walk to the domestic terminal - Terminal A. Once leaving Terminal B building, Terminal A will be on our ideal side. You can easily reach the by walking on the roofed pavement for hanya about 200 m or so. There will certainly be signs leading come Terminal A and also many locals heading the way, friend will have no problem locating it.

Once you will certainly reach residential terminal, detect TransJogja bus prevent will be simple (read below).

Domestic Arrivals

If girlfriend are showing up to Yogyakarta ~ above a residential flight from lagi Indonesian city, friend will uncover yourself at Terminal A of Yogyakarta Adisucipto global Airport (JOG). Finding the tunnel bring about TransJogja bus protect against from here is easy. You just need to leave v the arrival door and then to turn left just after the information center. You will definitely notification yellow indicators leading to the sanctuary of TransJogja, just follow them.

TransJogja bus

You will certainly reach one escalator going turun to the tunnel.

TransJogja bus

On your means out that the tunnel you will notice another tanda leading to the sanctuary of TransJogja, the bus stop (shelter) will be just nearby.

TransJogja bus

Taking TransJogja Bus in Yogyakarta

TransJogja Bus Stops

Bus stops in Yogyakarta space not usual for newbies in Indonesia. Bus stops di sini are shelters spanned from every sides and also boarding the bus is mungkin only through the gateways of the shelter.

TransJogja Bus Stop

TransJogja Bus operation Time

TransJogja buses operate in between 05:30 and 21:30.

TransJogja Bus

TransJogja Bus Ticket Price

Single journey by TransJogja bus prices only 3,600 IDR. Tickets space bought at the entrance of the shelter.

TransJogja Bus Ticket

Once friend buy your ticket, hanya get within the shelter, uncover a place to sit and wait for her bus to arrive.

TransJogja Bus Stop

Indonesian orang are friendly, for this reason if you will let them know around your destination, they will certainly do dari mereka best to let you understand which bus girlfriend should take and at apa bus avoid you require to obtain out native the bus.

TransJogja Bus No. 1A

You should ambil TransJogja bus No. 1A because that reaching central Yogyakarta (Malioboro Street) indigenous Yogyakarta Adisucipto worldwide Airport (JOG). Staying in the area approximately Malioboro street is absolutely recommended for very first timers in Yogyakarta.

TransJogja Bus No. 1A

TransJogja Bus Routes

The map of all TransJogja bus routes deserve to be discovered here: TransJogja Bus paths in 2017.

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