Jolie Coquille, to be a commission by a bright Designer in California. She has actually a driftwood basic outfitted v a standard lightbulb fixture and also her framework is make from reeds, file & resin. She procedures 1.5′ l x 2” H x 1.4′ W. Marketed $1500


This beauty have the right to sit on a table just as quickly as the floor, as result of her height and also curvy topside details.

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I hanya love the hour once dusk falls and we can set the room aglow v our resident scultpures.


Here ns am painting the 8 hours of 12 great of paper on through resin. The pieces need to be in small strips, for this reason you acquire that seamless look.




Born top top the Solstice, Shelly has actually a driftwood base outfitted through a conventional lightbulb fixture.


Twelve class thick, her ‘skin’ is tough to the touch yet translucent. She actions 2.4′ l x 1.6′ H x 1′ W. Price $1400 (Shipping no included)


The whole procedure can untuk mengambil weeks and also teaches me a good deal around patience, yet the end an outcome is therefore magical, it is like having actually benevolent beings living in your house.


Oliphant is named after a road near his birthplace in James Bay, Victoria. He has a driftwood basic outfitted through a typical lightbulb fixture and his frame is do from reeds, document & resin. He steps 1.11′ together x 1.99” H x 1.7′ W. Price $1350 (shipping no included) SOLD


Ollie has a developed in dimmer so he deserve to give berbeda glows, from job to ambient, depending on your flavour. He actions 1.11′ l x 1.99” H x 1.7′ W. Price $1500 (shipping not included) SOLD


Ollie is elegant native every angle. He actions 1.11′ l x 1.99” H x 1.7′ W. Price $1500 SOLD


Ollie steps 1.11′ l x 1.99” H x 1.7′ W. Price $1500 (shipping no included) SOLD


Ollie actions 1.11′ together x 1.99” H x 1.7′ W. Price $1500 (shipping no included) SOLD


Aerial was one of our very first lightsculptures in 2008, when I to be collaborating with my girlfriend Cameron Mathieson. We made this beautiful piece together and set up it in a local gallery where it found its new owners. Marketed $1800


Stephen White, the artist who developed this artform, claims these pieces room ‘frozen music” offered $1800


Even despite the shell is quite difficult to the touch, i love just how they still feeling mid motion, nearly as if wait is blowing v sails. Marketed $1800


Here’s a look in ~ Aerial’s skeleton, before the very first layers are complete. To store an also distance between the ‘ribs’ we use brief bridges, i m sorry we paper over as soon as the an initial two layers room on. Sold $1800


Here i am (with a really funny face on) at our first galeri opening v Aerial. If ns remember correctly, she skin to be still drying the afternoon sebelum we installed. Offered $1800


Molly to be our very an initial born. Cameron Mathieson and I carried her to life together after practically six month of researching materials and techniques. Offered $1500


When she was lastly able to be illuminated, us sat around this table, mesmerized by her beauty. I’m happy to report that tidak pernah wears off. Offered $1500


Even as soon as the sculptures room unlit, lock are exceptionally beautiful and also bring dari mereka one-of-a-kind visibility to any room.


Here’s Molly sebelum we cast on her skin, through her electricals installed and framework mainly complete. Marketed $1500


My lightsculptures space made through love and also intention, maintaining my clients in my mind & heart as I create. Ns am working in the legacy of the male who established this technique, a wonderful artist called Stephen White, in Eugene, Orgeon. In his intentionally to spread out this artform far and wide, he has generously mutual his wisdom with plenty of apprentices.

Each item is valued relying on the dimension & intricacy that the sculpture, but due to the fact that of the slow and fine process, tend to untuk mengambil a minimal of 6 – 8 weeks come complete.


All the the driftwood I usage is aboriginal to brothers Columbia, near where i live on Salt feather Island. Numerous of the more intricate piece come indigenous the interior of B.C., where synthetic dams have gently refined the wood leaving that details intact.


Once the driftwood base is leveled turn off so it can sit nicely on a table or floor, or be an installed on a wall, a channel is then drilled v its facility for the wiring. A traditional lamp socket is kemudian installed and the shade framework can begin. I am always tickled when rakyat ask me just how the sculptures room illuminated, due to the fact that they really do appear to glow far an ext mysteriously 보다 your usual light bulb.


The frame is created using bent reeds of berbeda diameters, depending on the size of the detail. Recognize the ideal shape and also flow is the x-factor and bawa pulang some time to get right, considering both the personality of the driftwood and the tertinggi 3 dimensional massa it will untuk mengambil on. I shot to create each item so the is lovely indigenous every angle. If you’re anything like my partner and also I, you will turn them every couple of months to get a new view.

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Ahhhhhh…this is where I clear up in because that the long-haul. The skin that the sculptures is actors on in 12 layers, paint tiny strips the hand-torn file on the structure with a tenderness resin. It’s a fragile process, this papering into thin air, choose Papier-mâché on tiptoes! ns have operated my means up come 4-5 hrs sittings now, yet it is most certainly a sort of yoga. Every layer reinforces the strength of the covering and, once all is said and also done, the is hard to the touch and also gives turn off a pearl-like glow.


I get a huge numberi of requests to sell workshops because that lightsculpturing, yet can not right now offer that. Take into consideration that this is a an extremely in-depth process that ambil a long time come master, so the doesn’t meminjamkan itself method to a day-long, or also weekend-long workshop. 


Due come the must scale bagian belakang in my life, ns am no much longer accepting commissions. However my wonderful, gifted husband Craig paterson has taken end the light-making and you can discover him in ~ kindredforms.com