Now, after i told girlfriend yesterday around reading comics can get rid of boredom. Now I want to inform or quite review.

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I personally like reading comics, comics made in Japan or make in Korea. I even like it from mine own bangsa (next time ns will inform you about an excellent domestic comics).

Well, this time, I desire to tinjauannya comics indigenous Korea, it’s referred to as Webtoon.

This Webtoon is more like one application listed for united state to be able to read comics make in Korea and other countries, but comics that have gotten in Webtoon must have actually been sorted out first. So it’s impossible for you to uncover comics that space not good.

The Webtoon that I read by simultaneous is also the creator the the company LINE.

LINE firm that makes chat applications as well and also makes some gamings that we can find in the heat chat application.

Without lingering any type of longer, I want to review the Webtoon licensed has been granted The mystery of Angel.


What is this comic?

Wow, I provide this comic a thumbs up. Because I to be a woman, i love romantic comics with personalities in the comics that room pleasing come the eye (handsome).

So in this comic, it speak the story of a woman called Ju Kyung. So, Ju Kyung, in this story, does not have actually a beautiful face, also if you may say she ugly.

Well, yet in this story, Ju Kyung is good at dressing increase / make up, for this reason she doesn’t look bad at school.

Why can she be smart to dress up? So, in the beginning, due to the fact that when she checked out junior high school, Ju Kyung was selalu bullied by her friends due to the fact that she to be ugly. When she went up to high school, she was identified not to show her real confront to her new classmates.

But the funny thing is, Ju Kyung’s biological family is she older sister and younger brother. This is pretty and handsome.

Now sejak Ju Kyung ended up being beautiful, she started to be well known in her new school as the most beautiful woman there. But it is juga great the Ju Kyung can have 2 personalities. Once she is grooming, she i do not care a gentle and feminine person. Whereas once she was no grooming, yes, really 180 degrees adjusted like a tomboy and dirty.

Ha ha ha..

The excitement began when Ju Kyung met with Su Ho, a super handsome male who hanya happened to return to Korea after school from abroad. They met in ~ a cassette shop and a fear novel.

At that time, Ju Kyung’s condition was no dressing up. So automatically ugly, huh.

They satisfy there, and Su Ho is amazed due to the fact that there are hardly ever women who prefer horror.

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Well, coincidentally, Su Ho turned the end one school with Ju Kyung! yet Su Ho certainly doesn’t recognize the girl he met in ~ the store is the same as the girl he met in ~ school!

From this story, possibly some the you have guessed whether Ju Kyung was discovered out through Su Ho who she really is? The price is… Secret!


In this comic, perhaps you will at first think prefer a romantic comic cerita in general. But! Not! The story is a many of merencanakan twists! also now, this comic story continues!