The Magicians first enchanted us way back in December 2015 and we"ve been under its spell ever before since.

But after tahun seasons, Syfy decided to publication the collection in April 2020, much to the dismay the its die-hard fans.

"It played out type of the way it"s played out nearly every season," co-creator john McNamara told TVInsider.

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"With the exemption of season 4 into season five, we tidak pernah knew even if it is or no we were going to get picked up. That was always a conversation – never really around the an imaginative – about the financials and also you selalu know, with any kind of show, that there"s this sort of fine heat between apa it bring in and what it costs.


Co-creator Sera gambling said: "And as the creators of the show, we recognize that. We had actually the feeling going right into this season that Syfy, in certain as our very first platform, was type of hitting the suggest of, "The cup is jenuh and there"s no much more room.""

McNamara added: "It"s no going to necessarily expand in kapak of revenue, it"s not necessarily going come contract in kondisi of revenue, however it is walk to pengeluaran more."

So could The Magicians be saved by another network or streaming service?

Here"s everything you need to know.

Magicians season 6 waiting date: as soon as will it it is in on?



Fans had hoped the a streaming business like Netflix would come along and save The Magicians native cancellation, however 18 month on native Syfy pulling the plug, over there is no good news and that looks makin unlikely that magical series will return.

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Syfy"s statement at the moment of cancellation sounded pretty final:

"The Magicians has been a component of ours Syfy family members for tahun fantastic seasons," the network stated in a statement (via Variety). "As we close to the end of this journey, we want to give thanks to John McNamara, Sera Gamble, Henry Alonso Myers, Lev Grossman, and our whole brilliant cast, crew, writers and also directors for milik mereka beautiful creation. But paling of all, we say thanks to the fans for anda tremendous support and passion. Due to the fact that of you, magic will certainly be in our hearts forever."

Magicians season 6 cast: who will be in it?



If the show were to – magically – return, hopefully every the main cast members would, too, including:

• Stella Maeve as julia Wicker• Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice Quinn• Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh• Arjun Gupta together William "Penny" Adiyodi• Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson• stack Worthy together Henry Fogg• Jade Tailor as Kady Orloff-Diaz• Brittany Curran together Fen• Trevor Einhorn as Josh Hoberman

However, countless of the actors have moved onto brand-new projects, consisting of Stella Maeve, who is in pre-production ~ above a new drama around cult leader Charles Manson"s mrs devotees; rick Worthy, that is currently in Station 19; and also Brittany Curran, who bintang in the sci-fi collection FraXtur.

In 2019, Stella Maeve to be asked about her favourite storage of filming the collection (via Showbiz Junkies).

"I can"t think of mine all-time favourite. I’m sure it will have actually something to execute with Jason (Ralph, who played Quentin) and membuat me laugh. Friend know, in season one he encouraged me that he was memakai a wig the totality time. We’re shoot the terakhir episode that the season and I visited touch it. That did this trick wherein he relocated his hair. You know when you deserve to move her skin? and also I to be like, ‘Oh mine god, it’s a wig.’ and it wasn’t. That was earth-shattering because that me. Ns was like, ‘Whoa, whatever I pikiran I knew i didn’t"."

Magicians season 6 plot: what will it it is in about?


Following the death of Jason Ralph"s protagonist in season four, the show had been required to endeavor into whole new territory.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive, management producer Sera Gamble debated the dampak of his fatality on the show moving forward: "It"s not that Quentin"s cerita is done on The Magicians. It is the Jason Ralph is no much longer a series regular on the show, and Quentin Coldwater is dead on the show, and also the cerita moving forward is around the consequences of that...

"Jason has left the show, and also Quentin is dead, and a lot of season lima is about apa happens next, hanya as as soon as somebody dies in ours lives, the next season of our life is about apa happens."