Jakarta all-you-can-eat buffets

There are days when you’re so hungry you mungkin eat a cow – it is when Jakarta’s all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants will save you money compared to buying separation, personal, instance dishes.

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Besides the well-known Korean and also Japanese BBQ buffets at shopping malls, Jakarta’s all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants juga offer other tipe of food, including dim sum, meat, and plant-based Indian dishes, and Brazillian-style BBQ.

Till it’s safe to endeavor out for social gatherings over buffets again, this 7 restaurants tambahan offer GrabFood and also GoFood delivery for safer group dining at home.

1. Bamboo Dimsum – eat all the dim sum you want v a friend

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Dim sum is bite-sized lull food that have the right to be enjoyed at any type of time of the day, and one can tidak pernah have sufficient of it. Bamboo Dimsum is the location to fulfill your dim amount cravings for just Rp. 58,000 (~USD4.26) a person.

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Bring a friend bersama to posting ulang in the feast, because there’s a minim requirement the two rakyat per table. And unlike paling all-you-can-eat places, you have to pay sebelum you space seated.

You’ll get numerous fried and steamed choices with fillings varying from chicken, shrimp, and also mushrooms to even durian and chocolate. There’re juga free refills that tea and also porridge to finish your meal.

Go on Instagram because that the jenuh list the locations.

Opening hours: 11AM-11PM, DailyWebsite

2. Sukinabe Premium Japanese Suki & Grill – hotpot time with friends or family

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Located in airy and available Cipete, Sukinabe Premium Japanese Suki & Grill is great for those looking because that a cozy family members gathering spot that isn’t in a to buy mall, where paling of these jenis of restaurants are.

You can pick from three food “tiers”: Regular (Rp. 118,000, or ~USD8.65) per adult, Premium (Rp. 148,000, ~USD10.85) per adult, and Wagyu (Rp. 198,000, ~USD14.52) per adult. These are lunch and also weekday prices, while you’ll should pay one extra Rp. 20,000 (~USD1.47) per adult because that dinner time and weekends.

Diners gain 90 minute to eat, and also pay Rp. 50,000 (~USD3.54) because that each extr 30 minutes.Image credit:

Choose native six types of soup bases, specific Healthy Collagen, fresh Tom Yum, yes, really Sukiyaki, Japanese Curry, original Sukinabe, and Spicy Gochujang. Because that every tier, you have the right to pick chicken and also seafood options apart indigenous the normal beef. Lastly, because that an extra Rp. 35,000 (~USD2.57) every person, friend can also get a grill – a plus suggest as similar restaurants have tendency to just offer one of two people grilled food or soupy food.

Alternatively, if she looking come try anda food at home, GoFood and also GrabFood offer anda soup bases and ingredients because that delivery, for this reason you can grill increase a storm safely in your own kitchen.

Address: jalur Cipete Raya #8C, Cipete Selatan, Cilandak, South jakarta 12410Opening hours: 11.30AM-10PM, DailyTelephone: 02127825717Instagram

3. 3 Wise primates – ingredient yourself v your favourite sushi

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Sushi is often eaten slowly and carefully, yet there are waktu when you hanya want to dig in and also stuff yourself with as countless of them as possible. The point is, various other than hotel restaurants, it can be quite hard to uncover sushi buffets because that casual dining.

Luckily, yes sir 3 wise Monkeys, which is located in Senopati. Ketika it uses an a la carte menu, you don’t want to miss its all-you-can-eat Rp. 207,000 (~USD15.19) option, which lets you enjoy perbedaan kinds the soup, appetizers, noodles, sushi, sashimi, and even dessert. You juga get free green tea.

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It’s a pretty wonderful deal since you get to gain the buffet because that 2 hours, and also it’s not limited to lunchtime or dinner time therefore you have the right to avoid overfilled timings. The restaurant karakter itu is spacious v ample seating, so it have the right to be a an excellent place because that a date or a gathering with household or friends.

Address: cara Senopati #46, Selong, Kebayoran Baru, South sampanye 12110Opening hours: 11AM-1AM, DailyTelephone: 02129126528Instagram

4. Pochajjang – affordable korean BBQ

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Korean BBQ is love by many, yet it does tend to gain a small bit pricey. So once Pochajjang uses an all-you-can-eat experience beginning at Rp. 99,000 (~USD7.27), meat lovers have actually a many to gain excited about.

There are two packages to choose from, the Premium (Rp. 99,000, or ~USD7.27) and the Wagyu (Rp. 129,000, or ~USD9.47) – and also for 90 minutes, you’ll acquire to eat to her heart’s content.

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Pochajjang has several all-you-can eat restaurants throughout Jakarta, so girlfriend can mengatur meetups through friends native various bagian of the city with much more ease. Yet keep in mind that Pochajjang doesn’t expropriate reservations, therefore be certain to time your lunch or dinner gatherings wisely.

Alternatively, frozen K-BBQ beef to adjust are available for home shipment for safe house dining – with no time limits!

Go top top Instagram for the jenuh list that locations.

5. Ganesha Ek Sanskriti – where vegetarians and omnivores can both eat

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Ganesha Ek Sanskriti uses a diverse variety of Indian food native the southern and northern parts of the subcontinent, as well as Chinese-influenced dishes. The restaurant has an a la carte menu that has actually something because that meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, however you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to reap the lunch buffet too.

The Ganesha executive Buffet (Rp. 145,000, ~USD10.26 per person) is accessible on weekdays native 12PM come 3PM. This is best if you and also your partner or clients are up for a wholesome casual lunch.

On Saturdays indigenous 11.30AM come 4PM, you have the right to have a taste the the restaurant’s south Indian food selection with that Ganesha Grand south Indian Buffet, while on Sundays native 11.30AM to 4PM, you’ll gain to reap the Ganesha Grand phia băc Indian Buffet. Every buffet prices Rp. 180,000 (~USD13.16) per person. Do keep in mind that south Indian food generally incorporates an ext vegetables and also seafood kapan the northern range is more heavier on meat and dairy, for this reason drop by depending on your preference.

Go ~ above Instagram because that the penuh list of all-you-can eat restaurants.

Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, DailyWebsite

6. El Asador – eat all the southern American meat her tummy have the right to handle

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If you want to treat yourself to a basic South American cook experience, avoid by El Asador in Kemang. That pricier than most of the all-you-can eat restaurants’ buffets top top this list, but the enjoy the meal is entirely worth it together you’ll gain to try meat cooked on that is wood-fire parrillas, or grill, providing it a distinctive earthy taste.

For Rp. 430,000 (~USD31.58) per person with no time limit, you deserve to eat a an option of ribeye, chorizo, chicken, vacio, and picanha. You acquire to select one side dish as component of the package, including fries, wedges, and also various types of salad and steamed vegetables. If friend want much more of this sides to offset the meat, prices mulai at Rp. 25,000 (~USD1.84). The sauce selection includes barbecue, pepper, mushroom, traditional and also spicy chimichurri, and salsa criolla.

Parilla house package meal, obtainable for deliveryImage credit:

It’s perfect because that weekend having lunch or office dinners, and anniversaries and birthday celebrations since the food go well v a festive mood. It’d be a good idea to do a preventive a day or two in advance. Alternatively, bring dari mereka grilled food right into your home with a parilla home package enjoy the meal order that deserve to feed the entirety family.

Address: Kemang point Building, ground Floor, jalur Kemang Raya #3, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South sampanye 17230Opening hours: Mon – Thu 11AM-11PM | Fri 11AM-12AM | sat – sun 10AM-12AMTelephone: 0217182206Instagram

7. Tucano’s Brazilian BBQ & Buffet – yes, really Brazilian food for lunch or dinner

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Brazilian BBQ might not it is in as famous as Korean and Japanese all-you-can eat restaurants’ BBQs amongst Jakartans, but Tucano’s Brazillian BBQ & Buffet will surely wow grilled meat fans with churrasco, or grilled beef, lamb, or chicken from Brazil and its sekitar regions.

The weekend and also weekday lunch packages are offered at different price points, and also depending on which package you decision to get, friend either have actually 60 minute or 90 minute to ingredient yourself with the ideal Brazillian delicacies. There space premium packages that encompass more types of churrasco.

The Express 60-minute weekday lunch package starts at Rp. 168,000 (~USD12.34) every adult; ketika a Regular 90-minute weekend having lunch package starts at Rp. 368,000 (~USD27) per adult, with complimentary garlic bread and cheese bread for the latter. Dinner packages are juga available ~ above both day of the week – 60-minute packages mulailah at Rp. 238,000 (~USD17.46) ketika a Regular 90-minute weekend dinner package starts in ~ Rp. 428,000 (~USD31.40).

If you want a an ext balanced meal that’s no too hefty on the meat, girlfriend can shot the buffet. You’ll get a slice of picanha, or prime peak sirloin, and also a part of garlic steak in addition to a selection of salad, stew, fried food, dessert, and also fruit for Rp. 123,000 (~USD9) ~ above weekdays and also Rp. 158,000 (~USD11.60) top top weekends.

Address: jalur K.H. Mas mansyur #24, Karet Tengsin, tanah Abang, Central champa 10250Opening hours: 11.30AM-3PM & 5.30PM-10PM, DailyTelephone: 02129023398Instagram

All-you-can-eat restaurants in Jakarta

As you have the right to see native the list, there room many tipe of all-you-can-eat restaurants in Jakarta. While Korean and Japanese buffets in malls hit the spot, there are always these various other options accessible if you desire to expand your cooking horizons ketika filling your tummy.

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