Following her father's murder, a revenge-driven mrs puts her trust in a an effective crime ceo — and also enters the police kekuatan under his direction.

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Han So-hee ("," leads this gritty thriller through Park Hee-soon (" Days" and Ahn Bo-hyun (" Class"
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Season 1 Teaser 2: mine Name
Following her father's murder, a revenge-driven woman puts her to trust in a an effective crime ceo — and enters the police kekuatan under his direction.

On she birthday, Yoon Jiwoo witnesses the horrific fatality of she father. Hell-bent on taking revenge at any cost, she sets the end to discover his killer.

Choi Mujin imposes punishment on execute Gangjae. Instructed to sign up with the police force undercover, Jiwoo ambil on a brand-new identity.

When her team walk after one unforeseen tujuan in a sudden raid, Jiwoo should act fast. A brand-new drug ring and its malevolent leader threaten Mujin's empire.

Cha Giho sees Gangjae's penjelasan of battle on Mujin as an opportunity. Suspecting Jiwoo is as much as something, Jeon Pildo tails her.

Jiwoo and Pildo's small escape from danger shifts the police's focus onto Gangjae. A run-in v a familiar challenge at the precinct areas Jiwoo top top edge.

A picture in the mail revealing hidden truths casts every little thing Jiwoo memikirkan she percaya into doubt. Mujin move to defend his interests.

Jiwoo fights off an ambush. Mujin submits himself to a police interrogation. Pildo it s okay his milik on incriminating phone call records.

Intent on an altering Jiwoo's mind around carrying out her vengeance, Pildo handcuffs himself to her. Mujin reaction to lagi act of betrayal.

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