Sahabat, Selamat Sore. Bagaimana itu? nih Kabarnya? harapan aja Sehat ya. Kesempatan kali ini Admin akan berbagiContoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/MI 2018/2019. Kemaren siap membuat soal bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 2 dan 3, kali ini ada kesempatan untuk membuat soal yaitu untuk kelas 4. Pada Soal UKK ini, telah menyiapkan 3 potongan utama. Setiap bagian batin soal ini terdiri dari banyak soal.
Lengkap - Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/MI 2018/2019

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Nah Bagi para adik adik apa ingin mencari refrensi circa soal Bahasa Inggris. Disini boleh adek adek nikmati. Jangan lupa pantau terus item Insya Allah akan update setiap harinya. Mencapai Soal Bahasa inggris ini diharapkan bisa ~ membatu para guru di dalam mencari refrensi. Harapan Bermanfaat.
Berikut ini Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/MI 2018/2019 bisa di unduh menjangkau GRATIS dibawah ini :A. Select the right answer by cross a,b,c or d !1. Vega has a flag has a flag ceremony in the yard. Today is …a. Mondayb. Tuesdayc. Sundayd. Thursday2. We have … aku in a weeka. Eightb. Ninec. Sixd. Seven3. 14th AprilTomorrow is …a. April the nineteenthb. April the eighteenthc. April the fifteenthd. April the fourteenth4. That is December the twenty thirdThe correct answer is …a. December 20thb. December 13thc. December 23rdd. December 33rd5. Renata : ken, is the Friday ? Kenzo : … Saturdaya. Yes, the isb. Yes, that is notc. No, that is notd. No, the is6. If this day is Monday, the work after tomorrow is …a. Tuesdayb. Wednesdayc. Thursdayd. Friday7. The 4th month that the year is …a. Octoberb. Aprilc. Marchd. May8. Carry out you have a snake?a. No, i haveb. No, i have notc. Yes, i have actually notd. Yes, i have9. Perform you agree the bird belongs pet around us?a. No, ns don"t agreeb. Yes, ns agreec. Yes, ns haved. No, i have not10. Maafkan saya do friend think the the blue bird?a. Ns don"t knowb. I think that is a beautiful birdc. I disagreed. That"s right11. Dawin likes a hamster.The negative membentuk of kalimat above is …a. Dawin don"t favor a hamsterb. Dawin perform like a dogc. Dawin doesn"t prefer a dogd. Dawin melakukan like a dog12. A … go slowlya. Snailb. Horsec. Zebrad. Snake13. The goat … create an egga. Haveb. Hasc. Cand. Can"t14. Can i … her eraser?a. Buyb. Borrowc. Bringd. Want15. I favor to do a poemMy hobby is …a. Writingb. Swimingc. Readingd. Singing16. Romanisasi : Where carry out you play football? Gino : i permainan football in the …a. Gardenb. Yardc. Riverd. Pool17. "Bolehkah saya meminjamkan kelerengmu"The translate in of kalimat above is …a. Untuk meminjamkan me your marble, pleaseb. Carry out you lend me your marble?c. May i borrow your marble?d. Lend me your marble?18. Radit typically goes come the hill once a month through his friends. He always brings tent. Maafkan saya is Radit"s hobby?a. Dancingb. Fishingc. Swimingd. Camping19. Tata : melakukan your brother have actually scrabble? Tono : Yes, …a. The doesn"tb. The doc. The don"td. That does20. I cannot to buy this point in the shoes shop. That is a …a. Shoesb. Sockc. Riced. Sandals21. Sasya : … perform your bicycle cost? Fira : it prices seven hundreds thousand rupiahs.a. Exactly how farb. How longc. Exactly how muchd. Just how many22. Ino goes come … to obtain a brand-new newspapera. Jewelryb. Bookstorec. Bakeryd. Clothes shop23. The pencil is too cheap.The definition of "Cheap" is …a. Mahalb. Murahc. Bagian hargad. Membeli24. Hana : what are friend doing in the … ? Fije : i am searching for the english booka. Mallb. Bookstorec. Drugstored. Hospital25. Galih : just how much … itu book cost? Ratna : itu books pengeluaran thirty thousands rupiahs.a. Isb. Amc. Thisd. AreB. To fill the blanks with correct answer !1. This month is may. The terakhir two month is …2. April-Tomorrow-is-the firstThe correct arrangement is …3. The … has actually trunk4. Butterfly deserve to … (fall, fly) in the sky.5. The punishment can produce a …6. Traditional toys as …7. Aldo is healthy boy. The likes … He normally goes to swimming swimming pool twice a week8. Jeni will borrow some books to read. She needs to go come the …9. We deserve to buy … in the fruitstall10. A : just how much is your kite? B : it is … (Rp. 5.000,00)C. Answer these questioms correctly !1. Mentions 3 months has 30 days?Answer :2. (+) Dona likes cow (-) … (?) …Answer :3. Describe about elephant !Answer :4. Make 3 kalimat if u wanna bowwor something!Answer :5. Where space you walking if you wanna this things?a. Shoesb. Eggc.

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