Once ~ above a time, there was a powerful man. Peoplecalled him Si Pahit Lidah, his genuine name is Serunting Sakti. He stayed in areaof south Sumatra and Lampung province border. Serunting had actually an enemy. That wasMata Empat. They dealt with in long time to be the strongest one. Since of thefighting was always draw, so they madeagreement. Serunting Sakti said, “ I want to make agreement to struggle inRanau lake in the masa depan time. Sebelum the fighting, we must boost ourpower”. The Mata Empat i agreeed and kemudian they checked out increase anda power.

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Serunting Saktistayed in Siguntang Mountain. He got advice from hyang Mahameru . He to be apowerful man in Siguntang mount. Hyang Mahameru said, ” if you desire to increaseyour power, you should stay in the waterfallof Siguntang Mount about two years”. Kemudian Serunting Sakti embraced therequirement.
Twoyears later, Serunting walk the requirement. That went to ranau Lakeas a agreement place with Mata Empat. In his trip, Serunting do the efforts his powerthat he got. He looked cane farm and he said, “I adjust you to becomestone!” suddenly, the cane farm yard becomestone. Once he come in a village inSemidang Aji area, the met a princess of the elder in the village.Serunting greeted the girl but she didn’t price the Serunting’s greeting andshowed her face proudly. Serunting said, “ you space so arrogant, her heart ishard favor stone” and then the princess ended up being a stone. After Serunting enteredthe village, that asked part food to the orang but no one aided him so that hewas really angry and he cursed the villageand also the orang became stone. Because ofHis word had actually a magic, rakyat called him Si Pahit Lidah. In current day,the area becomes tourism place in Baturaja, ogan Komering Ulu. The tourismplace name is Goa Putri (princess cave).

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Afterwalked in long day, Si Pahit Lidah arrived in ranau Lake. He waited because that MataEmpat. In other side, Mata Empat knew around Serunting’s magic words. He claimed tohimself , “ ns can’t loss Serunting”. Kemudian he made rencana to loss Serunting.Mata Empat searched for Si Pahit Lidah day by day and finally he uncovered Si PahitLidah. Before They fought, Mata Empat said to Serunting, “ hei Serunting !! Ifwe fought as usual, the didn’t present that we room swordsmen. How if we make a game. The video game is The Sharp-SugarPalm Branch”. “Well, if you desire to dothat”, Serunting said. After ~ the conversation, they went to sugar palm tree inthe bank of ranau Lake.Serunting had the very first turn. That jumped to the sugar palm and also sharpened thesugar palm branch. Mata Empat lain in the ground and also backed serunting. Then,Serunting threw the branch come Mata Empat and also suddenly Mata Empat could dodgedthe branch. Mata Empat bisa Dodged the branch due to the fact that he had lagi eyes inhis kembali head. The lanjut turn to be Mata Empat. The threw the branch and also SeruntingCould no dodged the branch. The branch mungkin killed Serunting. After Seruntingdied, Mata Empat wanted to ambil the strength of Serunting. He licked Serunting’stounge but He felt bitter and kemudian Mata Empat passed away beside of Serunting Sakti.Based ~ above story, Serunting Sakti was hidden in MarissaIsland, ranau Lakebut there are numerous sources said that that was hidden in Semidang Aji, OganKomering Ulu.