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Waste management is one of the strategic aspect because an excellent waste administration will create a great image. Hospital garbage together waste material can reason environmental kesehatan problems and manusia health impacts. The goals of this research menjadi to analyze management system of medical and also non medical solid waste follow to Kepmenkes RI No. 1204 year 2004 and health complaint to the waste administration officer. Research study method digunakan was descriptive. The population is a waste administration officer. The samples that environment menjadi medical and also non clinical solid rubbish in hospital. While the populace of manusia was 5 rakyat of waste monitoring officer take away by using bruto sampling technique. Variabels the this research menjadi input factors (human resource, fund, mageri of waste build-up and composition, supporting means, method), procedure factors (waste management steps, characteristic of officer, health complaint), and output determinants (end an outcome from rubbish management). Technique of data collection were by interviews, measurements, and also observations. The outcomes of study in RSUD Dr. Harjono showed seperti as umat ​​manusia resource, financial, sustaining means, and also method dulu available, however still need some means seperti as cart of non clinical solid waste. Mageri of clinical waste accumulation was 56,96 kg every day, ketika non medical waste was 175,14 kg every day. Choice steps, temporary sanctuary place, and final demolition i m sorry had meet the needs of Kepmenkes RI No. 1204 years 2004 around Term of Environmental health in Hospital. Meanwhile, still any ash build-up of clinical waste. Besides, complaint which was endured by officer seperti as exposed to smell of medical and non medical waste, cough, and asphyxia. Hard waste administration system at Dr. Harjono basic Hospital was not melakukan optimally. Therefore yearly evaluation of medical and non medical waste is vital to create a healthy and balanced hospital environment.

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