Learn how to do delicious yes, really Indonesian mie goreng Jawa the is perfect for any day of the week. A cooking recipes passed dibawah from my mommy to me.

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Mie goreng / mee goreng is famous food native the jalan all the way to restaurants. It’s famous in Indonesia, Malaysia, and also Singapore. I’m sharing the Indonesian version of Mie Goreng Jawa. Over there are plenty of variations for mie goreng Jawa too. My mom has her own version. If girlfriend ask an Indonesian prefer me, a an excellent mie goreng would be spicy, aromatic, savory v a note of sweet from kecap manis, slightly chewy and springy noodles and its rustic presentation.


1. NOODLESYellow egg noodles space usually tangan kedua to do mie goreng but you deserve to certainly juga used: angel rambut pasta, spaghetti, dried prompt noodles like Indomie or ramen noodles.2. EGGSLarge chicken eggs room perfect for mie goreng.3. LEEKSMy mommy loves to usage leeks in her variation of mee goreng. It really adds quite authentic errol to Indonesian mie goreng.4. PROTEINI tangan kedua shrimp in this recipe. You don’t need to use shrimp if girlfriend don’t desire to. You deserve to use chicken, beef, pork, or leftover cooking chicken (shredded).5. CABBAGEI feel choose cabbage is virtually a have to for Indonesian mie goreng.6. TOMATOESYou have the right to use besar tomatoes or romanisasi tomatoes7. KECAP MANISThis is absolutely a have to in Indonesian mie goreng. It contributes part sweetness and also that beautiful darker shade to the in its entirety dish8. Soybean beans SAUCE (KECAP ASIN)This is to add some savory taste come the mie goreng9. CANDLENUTS (KEMIRI)Mom supplies candlenuts (kemiri) in her mie goreng recipe. Candlenuts are tangan kedua a lot of in Indonesian cooking. It adds a quite authentic errol to the finished dish. Friend can definitely sub candlenuts v macadamia nuts or skip it completely if friend don’t desire to.10. SHALLOTS and GARLICThese 2 are absolutely aromatics in mie goreng in enhancement to leeks.11. Saus cabai OELEKMom offers cabe rawit/ Thai environment-friendly chili in she mie goreng, which ns really love. But I juga like to use saus cabai oelek to my mie goreng too12. Cooking OILUse any type of neutral tasting food preparation oil like grapeseeds oil, avocado oil, or vegetables oil.



1. Always PREHEAT the WOK / PANA cold wok/pan is a nemesis for stir-frying. As soon as the wok/pan is yes, really hot. Add cooking oil.

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Like countless stir-fried noodles recipe, this mie goreng cooking recipes is not tertulis in stone. Friend can readjust it up to setelan your taste or diet needs.NOODLES: instant noodles like: chow mein noodle, Indomie or ramen, angel rambut pasta, spaghettiPROTEIN: chicken, beef, pork, or you have the right to use leftover rotisserie chicken for example (simply shred the meat)MEATLESS VERSION: You have the right to use extra certain tofu, tofu puffsVEGETABLES: friend can include mushrooms, beansprouts