KARIYA, Japan — DENSO Corp. Announced that it will certainly construct a new plant in the Bekasi ar of barat Java Province, Indonesia, in an answer to growing vehicle production in the country. The new plant, PT. DENSO INDONESIA dawn Plant (tentative name), will start operations in February 2014 and produce engine control commodities including engine electronic manage units (ECUs) and variable electronic came timing (VCT) control systems, as well as starters, alternators and also other devices.

"DENSO considers Indonesia to it is in a growing pasar in Asia," claimed Akio Shikamura, an elderly executive director of DENSO’s thermal Systems organization Group. "By expanding production capacity, DENSO will boost its manufacturing ratio in the country, better serve its customers and contribute come the Indonesian economic climate in kondisi of investment and also employment.

DENSO has been doing business in Indonesia for practically 40 years darimana establishing PT. DENSO INDONESIA in 1975. Currently, DENSO produces automotive air-conditioning systems, radiators, spark plugs, filters and also other products at two plants: Sunter Plant and Bekasi Plant. The new plant will be DENSO’s 3rd plant in the country.

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file of new plant

1. Name: PT. DENSO INDONESIA dawn Plant (Tentative name)

2. Location: Bekasi District, barat Java Province, Indonesia

3. Investment: Approx. 1,040 billion rupiah (approx. U.S. $110 million*)

4. Employees: Approx. 1,300 (planned for March 2016)

5. Website area: 200,000 square meters

6. Total floor area: 24,000 square meter

7. Service description: operasi ECUs, VCT systems, starters and alternators




2. Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

3. President: Yutaka Yamanouchi

4. Establishment: might 1975

5. Capital: 2,345 juta rupiah (approx. U.S. $0.2 million*)

6. Ownership: 68.3 percent owned by DENSO global ASIA PTE. LTD., 25.7 percent by P.T. ASTRA OTOPARTS, and also 6 percent through Toyota Tsusho Corp.

7. Sales: Approx. 4,557 exchange rate rupiah (approx. U.S. $481.2 million* in FY2011)

8. Employees: Approx. 2,600 (as of march 2012)

9. Organization description: membuat automotive air-conditioning systems, radiators, spark plugs and filters

*Exchange perbandingan used is 9469.88 Indonesia rupiah come one U.S.

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