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Project Runway Vietnam star Lam Gia Khang started his eponymous simple, elegant, và timeless womenswear label after graduation from the London College for Design and Fashion. Eleven collections later, he’s launching GIA STUDIOS. Here, he describes the importance of hard work in a serious business.

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Designer Lam Gia Khang: “I don’t want women khổng lồ be beautiful for men, I want women lớn be beautiful for themselves.”After the success of his LAM GIA KHANG label, the fashion designer has launched GIA STUDIOS. “It’s the accumulation of all my experiences with my first label,” he explains as agenbolaonline.org takes a seat in his current showroom. He’s closed his store on Ly Tu vào and—besides spending time at his production house in District 7—he’s basing himself at the Park Hyatt Saigon until he opens his new flagship store in the near future. “This is a new shopping experience for Vietnam—it’s appointment only & the whole room belongs khổng lồ my guests where they can meet friends & engage with fashion,” the award-winning designer begins.

Lam Gia Khang’s Spring-Summer 2018 Collection is his first collection for GIA STUDIOS.

How has your style evolved? và how many collections are you creating per year?

My style developed organically. I experimented with different styles until my own emerged. Altogether, I have produced 11 collections. That’s given me the confidence lớn start GIA STUDIOS and launch my first collection“L’ete sans fin” or “The summer never ends.”

Every year, I launch four collections—two of which I classify as major, and two as minor. The minor ones are less conceptual. But all my outfits are designed with wearability in mind. They should feel accessible. When a customer sees my collection on the runway, they should be able to imagine themselves wearing it…I want khổng lồ remove the preconception that my outfits only look good on models.

Lam Gia Khang’s collection “L’ete sans fin” or “The summer never ends” is an updated version of his iconic designs.

What challenges or advantages are there as a male designer creating womenswear? Will there ever be a Lam Gia Khang menswear collection?

Many people argue male designers have an advantage because they understand how to lớn enhance the female khung to make it more seductive. My perspective is different. I don’t want women lớn be beautiful for men, I want women khổng lồ be beautiful for themselves. Honestly, I can’t pretend I understand their thoughts và desires. Instead, I listen lớn their stories. Even the most mundane anecdotes give me inspiration.

Many people have asked me why I don’t vị menswear. For me, three lớn five years is a very short period of time for a brand to develop. Normally, a stable brand takes ten years khổng lồ develop. But an upcoming GIA STUDIOS line will include menswear, accessories; even furniture and a perfume line…as well as womenswear.

“I want lớn remove the preconception that my outfits only look good on models,” says Lam Gia Khang.

As you grow, how can you maintain a consistent aesthetic vision around your Lam Gia Khang and GIA STUDIOS collections?

Having vi xử lý core values is key. We maintain our spirit of simple, elegant sophistication. So, new lines like our perfume should be imbued with the same philosophy.

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How does your “see now, buy now” philosophy reflect the needs of Vietnamese consumers?

“See now, buy now” has existed in Vietnam for a long time—well before it became a global trend. The idea is that people can order the designs the second they see them at our shows.

Lam Gia Khang: “The typical Lam Gia Khang woman is modern…She understands her own style, & what clothes work to lớn enhance her personality.”So far, Vietnamese designers have been focused on serving their local audience. Vietnamese people don’t want to wait until, for example, June, lớn access a new collection. This consumer tendency is both good & bad—good because designers have immediate orders, but bad because of the unpredictability of orders which can be overwhelming.

Is there a typical Lam Gia Khang woman?

The typical Lam Gia Khang woman is modern, often with a busy working life. She understands her own style, và what clothes work lớn enhance her personality.

Inside GIA STUDIOS’ current showroom as Lam Gia Khang prepares a new flagship store mix to open in the near future.

How can a Vietnamese label lượt thích GIA STUDIOS break into the international market?

Expanding internationally requires a strong team. Last year, my collection at Lane Crawford Hong Kong sold out. I also featured in the pages of Vogue China. Working with overseas stores, however, requires much more planning. They usually require collections a year in advance—not three or six months like in Vietnam. Then they can create effective kinh doanh and merchandising plans around the brand và collection. For now, I want to consolidate my new label in Vietnam. If I vày target another foreign country, it will have to lớn be with a clear long-term strategy.

“My style developed organically. I experimented with different styles until my own emerged,” said Lam Gia Khang.

How bởi you identify talent & grow your team?

I encourage my team lớn move away from the idea that fashion is entertainment—a fluffy dream job. Fashion is serious business, sometimes even harder than other businesses. When choosing employees, I seek people who I feel will be completely committed to lớn the job. For me, the most important trait is hard work, not just in fashion but in all occupations.

“Our upcoming GIA STUDIOS line will include menswear, accessories; even furniture and a perfume line…as well as womenswear.”

With such an intense production schedule, how bởi vì you personally stay grounded?

Besides meetings & magazine shoots và interviews, I’m in the studio the rest of my time. Cooking helps me khổng lồ de-stress. For me, there’s a strong correlation with fashion—both require heart & care. Food should be cooked và seasoned with the same meticulous care it takes lớn design an outfit.

When I feel I’m overloaded, I also take time khổng lồ remember why I started this. & I have a rule: when I’m drained of ideas, I stop. I take a break & physically & mentally detox…then begin again.

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