How to watch the hari pertama League complement between manchester United and also Stoke City on Monday, januari 15.

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Manchester united looks to acquire separation for 2nd place in the premier League when it master Stoke City in a Monday clash.

Jose Mourinho's agenbolaonline.orgde enters the day tingkat on points v Liverpool and also Chelsea with a video game in hand, and also it have the right to pull within 12 clues of first-place manchester City adhering to the league leaders' very first loss of the season ~ above Sunday.

Stoke City is in one odd place, having just hired Paul Lambert as its brand-new manager ~ above Monday v the club mired in a relegation battle. Stoke agenbolaonline.orgt a point clear that safety, v Southampton on 21 points in 17th place and Stoke top top 20 after loagenbolaonline.orgng its terakhir two matches.



Here's how to clock the match:

Time: 3 p.m. ET


Live stream: watch the enhance live via FuboTV. Tanda up di agenbolaonline.orgni for a complimentary seven-day trial.

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