In this article, friend will find out 5 methods to resolve the "Process system Isn"t Responding" error. Get Dr.Fone - device Repair (Android) to settle this masalah more easily.

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The “Process system isn’t responding” is a usual error the occurs in virtually every type of Android device. Even though paling of the Android smartphone manufacturers have taken a substantial leap in the terakhir few years, the operating system still suffers indigenous a few pitfalls. The process system isn’t responding. Android is one of itu errors that have been reported plenty the times. If friend are juga getting one error choose the procedure system no responding, kemudian don’t worry. We have listed four berbeda solutions for it appropriate here.

Before solving any Android device issues, shot this Android back-up software to untuk mengambil a full backup, in case any type of data loss happens.

Part 1: factors for procedure system isn"t responding error

There could be plenty of reasons for getting the procedure system no responding error. Paling of the time, it wake up whenever a machine is restarted after updating its Android version. Your device bisa have gone through a bad update or could have had actually an unsupported driver. This can result in the incident of procedure system no responding issue.

Users have also complained that they get the process system no responding to Android error after installing a new app. If you have installed an application from a source other than Google bermain Store, kemudian the opportunities are that you can gain this error. Though, also after installation an app from permainan Store, over there is a bleak probability of facing this melepaskan as well.

Low system storage is another reason for getting the error. If you have too countless apps on her phone, kemudian it might untuk mengambil a toll on that memory and generate the “process mechanism isn’t responding” prompt. No matter what the reason is, there space plenty of cara to conquer this issue. Us have noted a grasp of lock in this post.

Part 2: Fix process system isn"t responding error by restarting the device

This is among the easiest ways to solve the process system no responding error. If girlfriend are obtaining this error on your phone, then try come manually restart her device. The means to restart your phone could differ indigenous one device to another. Mostly, it deserve to be excellent by long-pressing the strength button. This will certainly provide different power options. Tap top top the “Reboot” one to restart your phone.

If it won’t work, kemudian long tekan ke bawah the strength and nada up switch at the exact same time until the screen goes off. Afterward, use the power switch again to turn it on.

Part 3: Fix procedure system isn"t responding error by checking the SD card

If you room still getting the process system isn’t responding come Android error, kemudian chances are that there mungkin be an melepaskan with your SD card. Firstly, check if her SD map is working fine or not. If it is corrupted, kemudian get lainnya memory map for your phone. Also, it should have actually a significant amount of complimentary storage. You could be encountering this issue if the SD card has limited cost-free space.

Also, if you are storing apps ~ above the SD card, kemudian your phone might encounter the procedure isn’t responding melepaskan whenever you operation a particular app. Therefore, you should move apps from her SD card to the phone’s interior memory. To perform this, walk to your phone’s settings > applications manager and select any kind of app. If the application is stored on the SD card, then you will acquire an choice of “Move to devise storage”. Just tap ~ above it and also manually move every app to your machine storage.

Part 4: One click to fix procedure system isn"t responding error

If every the over tricks don"t acquire your machine out of the process system no responding state, then there may be some system problems on her Android. In this case, one Android repair can effectively fix concerns like procedure system isn"t responding.

Note: Android repair might wipe the end existing Android data. Back up your Android data sebelum going on.

Dr.Fone - device Repair (Android)

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Follow the basic steps below to fix process system isn"t responding error:

1. Download and also install the Dr.Fone tool. Then select "System Repair" from the main window.
2. Connect your Android device to the PC. ~ the an equipment is detected, pick the "Android Repair" tab.
3. Select and also confirm the correct an equipment details of her Android. Kemudian click "Next".
4. Boot your Android device in download mode and proceed.
5. ~ a while, her Android will be repaired v the "process device isn"t responding" error fixed.

Part 5: Fix procedure system isn"t responding error by manufacturing facility reset

It is selalu considered a paling used way to manufacturing facility reset her phone in order to fix the process system not responding error. Though, this must be your terakhir resort, as it will certainly wipe off her device’s data entirely. Even if you space performing a factory reset, make certain that you back-up your data by penampilan a reliable alat like Dr.Fone - back-up & restore (Android).

Dr.Fone - backup & restore (Android)

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If your phone is functioning, kemudian you can conveniently factory reset the by visiting its settings > basic > backup & Restore and select the option of “Factory Data Reset”. Your machine will screen a warning concerning all the data documents that would be shed or un-synced. Just tap on the “Reset” button to factory reset your device.

If your maker is no functioning or locked, kemudian you have the right to perform the factory reset procedure by placing your phone into Recovery mode. Paling of the time, it can be excellent by pressing the strength and ton up button simultaneously for at the very least 10 seconds. Though, the an essential combinations might readjust from one maker to another.

After entering the recovery mode, go to the “wipe data/factory reset” option using the selang up and dibawah button. Use the Power button to make a selection. If friend get an additional message, kemudian select the “yes – delete all data” option. When it is done, you have the right to simply reboot your device.

Part 6: Fix procedure system isn"t responding error through unrooting the device

It has been lebih jauh discovered that the process system isn’t responding error is much more common in rooted devices. Therefore, if you juga have a rooted Android device, kemudian you can pick to unroot the in order to deal with this issue. There space different cara to unroot one Android device. One of the easiest ways to perform it is by melihat the SuperSU app.

You can selalu download one of two people SuperSU or SuperSU Pro application from that website here. Merely install it on our an equipment and launch the whenever you wish to unroot it. Visit its “Settings” tab and select the choice of “Full unroot”.

This will certainly generate a warning message regarding all the effects of the unrooting process. Hanya tap top top “Continue” to initiate the process.

If girlfriend are lihat an older version of Android, kemudian you could get lainnya pop-up to gain back boot images. Just make the desired an option and start the process. After a while, your device would be restarted the normal way, and also it would be unrooted. Most probably, this will deal with the procedure system no responding error as well.

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Now as soon as you know different cara to deal with the process system not responding error, girlfriend can quickly overcome this melepaskan and make the paling out of your device. Simply mulailah with the simple fixes, and also if they nothing work, then ambil extreme actions like unrooting your an equipment or restoring that to factory setting. Also, make sure to backup your data before taking any kind of extreme measures.