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Company surname
: PT Indo-Korea
Profile :Perusahaan Indo-Korea ini bergerak di dalam bidang menyamai di BatamKomp. Perkantoran. Batam facility - 51124

Apply Now :Already Closed
 Closing project Vacancy in ~ PT Indo-Korea ~ above 24 Juli 2009
Jobs for:Staff Kantor
Working Time:-
Requirements:- wanita min . 18-31 th- pelatihan min. SMU / Sederajat- Pengalaman merencanakan min. 1 th- Di utamakan tinggal / mengolonisasi di P. Batam- foto Copy KTP 1 Lembar- bergambar 2 x 3 1 Lembar
Last graduate:SLTA, D3, S1, dsb
Adverts posted date:11 Juni 2009
Job Location:Batam

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