After their dad's murder, 3 siblings move with anda mom to his genealogical estate, whereby they discover magical tricks that unlock powers — and also secrets.

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This magical an enig is based on the acclaimed, best-selling graphics novels co-created by Joe Hill and gabriel Rodriguez.
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After dari mereka dad's murder, 3 siblings move with anda mom come his ancestral estate, wherein they find magical tricks that unlock powers — and also secrets.

After the Lockes move into Keyhouse, Bode buatlah a brand-new acquaintance — and a frighten discovery. Tyler and also Kinsey shot to mulai over in ~ a brand-new high school.

While Nina uncovers details about Rendell's past, Kinsey helps out the Savini Squad, Tyler falls in v a bad crowd, and Bode finds lainnya key.

Locating a powerful new an essential sends Bode's soul soaring. Tyler's simmering rage boils over. Kinsey realizes just how lot her fear is holding she back.

Sporting a brand-new hairdo and also attitude, Kinsey ambil a chance with Scot by bagikan what's walking on within her head. Tyler tries to impress his crush.

Kinsey offers a an essential to seek vengeance top top a school bully. A troubled Nina find a forgiveness ear. A long-buried memory casts Rendell in a new light.

Kinsey explores the sea cave with the Savini squad in tow, Nina confronts Ellie end Joe, and also Tyler sabotages his connection with Jackie.

The Locke family faces milik mereka worst nightmare once the orang responsible for smashing their kehidupan resurfaces and meminta one of the keys.

Tyler and Kinsey feeling torn once they karakter out why Nina is acting strangely. Bode meets Rufus and also Ellie's houseguest. Evade zeroes in ~ above the Omega Key.

As pieces begin to click into place for the Locke siblings, Ellie opens up about her connection to Dodge, and Kinsey come clean v her friends.

The battle over the Omega crucial leads to decisions the can't be undone — and also a dangerous door that assures plenty of problem ahead.

With hazard lurking closer than they know, Tyler, Kinsey and also Bode unlock more family keys as they destruction deeper into the power and mystery of the keys.

Gabe forges one unholy alliance through Eden. Kinsey prepares for the premiere the the Savini Squad's fear film. Duncan arrives at Keyhouse with large news.

Tyler grows concerned over Jackie's storage loss, Gabe probes the Lockes for information around the keys, and also Nina meets a mansplainer in ~ her new job.

Amid Duncan's unease over a new houseguest, Gabe make the efforts to drive a wedge between Kinsey and Scot, Bode find an unusual key, and Nina bonds with Josh.

With Duncan's emotional state deteriorating, Gabe confronts among the Lockes, Tyler surprises Jackie on her birthday, and Kinsey deals with up to her fears.

Gabe insinuates himself into Tyler's temukan for the Memory an essential as Kinsey resolves to uncover out what's going on through Eden. Bode access time an old friend.

At the annual Winterfest celebration, Kinsey do the efforts to permainan it cool roughly Gabe while a vital found by Bode and also Duncan may offer a method to take dibawah Dodge.

Kinsey puts her acting skills to the test when the Lockes and milik mereka friends set a magical trap at Keyhouse. Josh fumes end his lacking artifact.

As the beginnings of the Locke family magic pertained to light, Tyler and Kinsey look to protect dari mereka loved ones native Gabe's expanding collection of pawns.

While Tyler works on a means to help Jackie, Gabe provides Kinsey a attributed to satisfy his demands, Eden manipulates Josh, and also a shaken Nina will out.

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Escalating threats and a devastating loss command the Lockes into a ferocious showdown v Dodge. Kembali at Keyhouse, Bode confronts a shocking visitor.

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