Billie Eilish is popular music music’s newest gem. The LA aboriginal is only sixteen, but her lyrics and voice are much older. Working v her older brother that goes through the alias “FINNEAS”, the family duo room a musical team not to be missed.

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“when the party’s over” is Eilish’s recent single, moving on through her typical theme of heartbreak and also love in her songs. Speak to “coup de main” magazine about the track, Eilish emphasizes that it’s not meant to be a sad song. “It’s no really “I’m sad,” friend know apa I mean? for this reason “When The Party’s Over,” i feel choose that’s seperti a sentence. It’s like, “I’ll call you as soon as the party’s over,” you’re ~ above the phone with someone and also you can’t listen them, castle can’t hear you, it’s loud, they’re mad in ~ you for some reason. Ns feel choose everybody’s had that battle with who – somebody on the call yelling for part reason, and also you’re just like, “You recognize what? F*cking leaving me alone.” The track tells the cerita of a increase and down and perhaps difficult and toxicity relationship.

“Don’t you understand I’m no good for youI’ve learned to shed you, can’t bought toTore mine shirt to protect against you bleedin’But nothin’ ever stops friend leavin"”

The an initial verse is Eilish admitting that she untuk mengetahui that she’s not an excellent for her lover, and that she’s learnt come have around on and off with no pattern. Regardless of all the points she’s done for them, castle still leave her.

“Quiet when I’m coming home and I’m on my ownI mungkin lie, speak I like it choose that, like it choose thatI bisa lie, to speak I choose it choose that, like it like that”

The chorus is Eilish saying that once she comes home, a nobody is there, and also she’s lying come herself the she prefers it through her lover not being around.

“Don’t you recognize too lot alreadyI’ll just hurt you if friend let meCall me friend but keep me closer (Call me back)And I’ll call you once the party’s over”

The 2nd verse, Eilish confronts she lover about the alam of their relationship and herself. She feels as if she lover tahu too much around her already, and how she’ll only hurt castle if they allow them, probably definition that if they hurt her she’ll struggle back. “Call me friend but keep me closer”, mungkin be introduce to the fakta that neither of them want to it is in in a relationship however can’t be just friends together they care around each other an ext than girlfriend too, for this reason they can panggilan each various other friends but not act like that. “And I’ll call you as soon as the party’s over” mungkin be a recommendation to lock deciding to meet up kapan at separate parties at the end of the night, due to the fact that they feel like they need each other for a night, or even hanya because Eilish is do the efforts to acquire on and enjoy her without this person in she life.

“But nothing is much better sometimesOnce we’ve both stated our goodbyesLet’s just let that goLet me let girlfriend go”

The leg is Eilish begging she lover come let her and this connection go, allow her enable herself to heal after they’ve both said milik mereka proper goodbyes and agree come no longer be in every other’s lives. The monitor ends with the chorus.

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There is no official music video for the current track, however there is an man audio clip posted on the 16th October on billy Eilish’s resmi YouTube channel, and also has end 6 juta views.