Hai, selamat datang di blogku!Banyak hal apa bisa diomongin dari lipstik ini. Sebelumnya, kalau kalian siap baca mayoritas ulasan makeup di blog ini, kita pasti kenal kalau aku suka banget mencapai liquid lipstick. Aku memang memakai liquid lipsticksetiap days dan mungkin seharian. Bab ini bikin aku harus nemuin fluid lipstickyang nyaman dipakai dan simpan saja lama. Makanya, saat aku dengar ada lipstik baru apa katanya transfer proof sampai 16 jam dan berbagai janji lain di iklan lipstik itu, aku segera bilang, oke, aku harus coba! Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink, maafkan saya janji-janjimu benar?Hi, welcome to my blog!I have so countless things come say around this lipstick. First things first, if you have read several of my previous reviews, friend must understand that I"m a liquid lipstick junkie. I use it every day every day long. Recognize the paling comfortable and longlasting one is sort of the biggest mission of my life (excuse me because that being extra). That is why once I heard this brand new liquid lipstick is transfer proof approximately 16 hours and also bla bla bla every various other promising case they say in the ads, ns was soon like, okay, lug it come me! Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink, space you informing the truth?
Kemasan dan Aplikator
Seperti yang kalian bisa ~ lihat, Maybelline Superstay Matte squid punya botol yang unik. Botol lipstik ini gak kemudian liquid lipstickpada umumnya yang dikemas dalam botol tabung transparan. Kalau kalian pegang lipstik ini, memang segera terasa kemasannya terbuat dari plastik apa padat dan keras. Aku juga suka desain botol lipstik ini apa akan langsung terlihat beda middle lipstik lain yang kita punya.Aplikator lipstik ini also cukup penangkap perhatian. Maksudku, coba lihat saja. Aplikatornya berbentuk oval yang meruncing di potongan ujung dan.... Ada publik di potongan tengah. Maksud dari lubang itu adalah untuk "menyimpan" isi produk such "cadangan" agar kita cukup terlalu banyak celup untuk mengaplikasikan lipstik usai seluruh bibir. Menurutku, ini ide apa lumayan bagus, meskipun gak terlalu ngefek di aku apa gak butuh banyak produk saat pakai lipstik. Tapi, dengan tegas layaklah diapresiasi.

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As you have the right to see, Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink has a unique bottle. That is not like any type of other fluid lipstick which comes with a ring transparent bottle. As soon as you organize it, you deserve to feel Maybelline Ink"s packaging is do of a bulky and hard block-shaped plastic. I love exactly how it is designed. It will stand out in a heap of your liquid lipsticks koleksi so friend can quickly grab it even with close up door eyes.
The applicator is the part which excites me the most. I mean, just take a look in ~ it. The is an oval-pointed applicator and.... Has a hole in the middle. The idea of that hole is to store some commodities as a back-up so girlfriend only require one dip come cover almost everywhere your lips. Ns think it"s sebagai a jenius idea. That kinda works. I sendiri don"t really need that much since I"m more into a natural look. But, I carry out still appreciate it.


Maybelline Superstay Matte octopus adalah liquid lipstickyang punya formula paling pekat dan kental. Formula lipstik such ini ini adalah langsung menutup warna nguyên bibir kita dengan mudah. Tapi, anehnya, meskipun kental, formula lipstik ini gak lembut. Aku agak bingung bagaimana itu? menjelaskannya, tapi apa pasti, konsistensinya mirip menjangkau lendir siput (hahaha pesimis kalau bikin jijik). Kalau kamu membukanya tutup lipstiknya dan angkat aplikatornya, cairan lipstik ini adalah menetes persis sebagai lendir siput.
Kesan pertamaku, lipstik ini gak terlalu mudah karena dioleskan seperti liquid lipstik lainnya. Tebakanku, mungkin karena terlalu kental, jadi terasa agak kesat. Dari saat dioleskan di bibir, aku juga sudah ngerasa kalau lipstik ini menjadi lengket. Ternyata, benar. Usai pengaplikasian, aku coba mengatupkan detik bibir dan.... Bibirku at sight lengket! Bahkan, diperlukan waktu banyak saat untuk membuka bibirku lagi. Tapi, tenang, aku punya sedikit töre agar lipstik ini gak terasa terlalu lengket, yaitu jangan aplikasikan lipstik terlalu tebal. Aplikasikan langsing saja di bibir bawah dan ratakan usai bibir atas. Intinya, semakin tebal kita mengaplikasikan lipstik ini, menjadi semakin lengket juga rasa di bibir.
Oke, lanjut ke potongan lain yang also lumayan mengganggu. Lipstik ini punya wangi semacam cokelat yang kuat. Wanginya enak, sih. Tapi, menurutku cukup berlebihan. Pasti gak nyaman, kan, kalau kalian taruh sesuatu apa punya wangi kuat benar di bawah hidungmu? Apalagi kalau bertahan lama. Tapi, bisa ini cuma aku yang terlalu sensitif mencapai pewangi buatan dari suatu produk. Semoga kita gak sebagai itu.
Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink is just one of liquid lipstick which has actually the thickest and paling pigmented formula. It will certainly cover almost everywhere your natural lip color instantly. The thing is, it"s thick, but not creamy. I"m having a trouble to explain it, yet I would certainly say, the consistency reminds me that snail slime. If you obtain the lid off and lift the applicator, the liquid will certainly drip exactly like it.
Because it looks choose snail slime, all I can think of is just how it would feel on my lips. Would it be weird? My an initial impression to be it didn"t glide on clearly like any type of other fluid lipstick. Its thickness kadarnya made me guessing that it"s gonna feel kinda sticky. Yup, ns was totally right. After ns was applying it, i pressed my lips bersama and.... They menjadi so freaking sticky! the even took some times to open up my lips.But, don"t worry. I have actually a little tip to get over it. Don"t apply this lipstick too much. What you need to do is slightly use it on the bottom of her lip and also spread it same to the upper. The allude is, the more product girlfriend apply, the much more sticky emotion you"ll get.
Okay, moving on to lagi thing that juga bothers me. It has sort that a strong chocolate scent. The smells nice, though. But, I"m fairly overwhelmed by it. It is not comfortable in ~ all as soon as you placed something that has actually a strong smell below your nose, particularly if that lingers. But, possibly it"s hanya me that is also sensitive over product"s synthetic fragrance. Hopefully, you"re not.

Pertanyaan selanjutnya, lipstik ini beneran genggamnya lama gak? Jawabannya, yap benar. Aku bahkan berani karena bilang kalau lipstik ini adalah fluid lipstick yang paling tahan lama apa pernah aku coba. Bahkan, ini lebih simpan saja lama dari Nyx Lingerie fluid Matte Lipstick apa sudah aku ulas di sini. Nyx Lingerie konvensional memudar sebanyak 50% nanti makan siang apa lumayan berminyak, sedangkan Maybelline Ink hanya memudar sebanyak 30%. Lipstik ini di bagian pusat bibir hampir hilang usai dipakai dua kali makan besar, menyisakan circa 20% di bagian pinggir bibir.
Artinya, bagiku lipstik ini mendesak tahan lama dan bertahan seharian. Aku biasa pakai lipstik diatas pagi aku setelah sarapan. Lipstik ini masih ditemani di bibir usai makan siang dan makan malam, meskipun sudah noel setebal sebagai di pagi hari. Bagiku, ini sudah sangat cukup. Lainnya pula, gak ada, kan, lipstik apa benar-benar terus bertahan dari pagi sampai malam, apalagi kalau makan makanan apa berminyak. Jadi, janji mereka yang bilang lipstik ini bisa bertahan sampai 16 kota bisa dibilang benar. Tapi, jangan berharap akan terus kental sampai malam, ya.
Lalu, apa lipstik ini sungguh menangkal proof? Sayangnya, gak. Hal apa aneh adalah, lipstik ini memang gak transfer setelah gelas atau sedotan saat aku minum, Tapi, lipstik ini malah transfer setelah masker atau saat aku coba sentuh bibirku dengan punggung tangan. Jadi, aku ini adalah bilang, lipstik ini gak 100% transfer proof.
The lanjut big pertanyaan is, melakukan it really that longlasting favor it claims? Yes, it completely is. I am also brave to panggilan this the paling longlasting fluid lipstick I"ve tried for this reason far. It even lasts much longer than Nyx Lingerie liquid Matte Lipstick i beg your pardon I"ve the evaluation here
. Nyx Lingerie commonly will fade 50% after having actually greasy lunch while Maybelline Ink just fades around 30%. The product ~ above the center of your lips will certainly be virtually gone after having a 2nd heavy meal, around 20% will remain on lip edges.
It means, for me, yes, this fluid lipstick stays all day. I apply my lipstick after having breakfast. My lips are still covered with the after lunch and dinner, even though it"s not as much as it looks in the morning, yet it"s sufficient for me. I mean, of course, there is no fluid lipstick the will remain as bold together it"s first applied after eating some greasy foods. That is why Maybelline Ink"s performance is fairly impressive. So, I would certainly say, milik mereka claim about it"s gonna terakhir for 16 hours is kinda correct.
Does the really menangkal proof? Hmm, sadly, it is not. The weird thing is, that doesn"t transfer to the leaf of the glass or straw ketika I"m drinking. But, It transfers to my mask or if ns touch my lips with the back of mine hand. So, I would say, it"s no 100% transfer proof.


Pilihan WarnaMaybelline Superstay Matte ink punya pilihan warna apa gak biasa. Kamu bisa menemukan warna-warna elektrik kemudian pink terang, oranye terang, atau violet. Warna gelap also ada kemudian ungu tua, merah beri, abu-abu, ataukah cokelat gelap. Tapi, warna-warna favoritku pastinya dari seri Un-Nudes. Seri ini punya warna-warna nude viip yang bahkan bersinar bagus karena skin ton gelap. Tapi, saat pilihan shade yang akan dibeli, aku malah tergiur buat beli shade semacam warna peach keoranye-oranyean ini. Nama belakang shadenya adalahGlobetrotter (135). Aku nyesal gak milih the shade ini? Jawabannya, agak nyesal dan agak gak hahaha. Cat ini cantik, sih, tapi terlalu menor. Akhirnya, lipstik ini hanya aku pakai di saat-saat tertentu, bukan untuk dipakai sehari-hari. Tapi, aku militer suka.Color ChoiceMaybelline Superstay Matte Ink has an unusual shade option. You can discover electric colors like shocking pink, shocking orange, or violet. It has bold color choices too like plum, berry red, grey, and brown. But, that course, my favorite shades room from anda Un-Nudes series. It has actually some beautiful nude shades also for darker skin tone like mine. But, ketika choosing which the shade to buy, i was hooked by this kinda bolder peach-to-orange shade. It is referred to as Globetrotter (135). Carry out I regret my choice? Hmm, a tiny bit hahaha. This shade is therefore unique and too bold because that my taste. That is why I finished up only penampilan this for a spesial occasion rather for day-to-day use. But, I"m still loving it.

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Oke, aku cantik kasih tau beberapa fakta dari lipstik ini dari pandanganku secara objektif, ya. Ada beberapa kekurangan. Jadi, jangan terlalu berharap terlalu banyak. Walaupun begitu, lipstik ini masih mendesak layak karena dicoba.