Launching the first digital single in 2020, Weird jenius joins singer and also rapper native Surabaya, Sara Fajira, because that “LATHI”, which speak that a love relationship full of lies and… review More 

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I was born a foolBroken every the rules, oohSeeing every nullDenying every one of the truth, oohEverything has changedIt all happened for a reasonDown from the first stageIt isn't other we battled forNever want this type of painTurned myself so cold and heartlessBut one point you must knowꦏꦺꦴꦮꦺꦫꦲꦶꦱꦩ꧀ꦭꦪꦸꦱꦏꦏꦼꦱꦭꦲꦤ꧀(Kowé ra isa mlayu saka kesalahan)ꦲꦗꦶꦤꦶꦁꦢꦶꦫꦶꦲꦤꦲꦶꦁꦭꦛꦶ(Ajining diri ana ing lathi)Pushing v the many painAnd all I know that this love's a bless and also curseEverything has changedIt all occurred for a reasonDown from the first stageIt isn't miscellaneous we dealt with forNever want this kind of painTurned myself so dingin and heartlessBut one thing you need to know
ꦏꦺꦴꦮꦺꦫꦲꦶꦱꦩ꧀ꦭꦪꦸꦱꦏꦏꦼꦱꦭꦲꦤ꧀(Kowé ra isa mlayu saka kesalahan)ꦲꦗꦶꦤꦶꦁꦢꦶꦫꦶꦲꦤꦲꦶꦁꦭꦛꦶ(Ajining diri ana ing lathi)
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Launching the first digital single in 2020, Weird jenius joins singer and also rapper from Surabaya, Sara Fajira, for “LATHI”, i beg your pardon speak of a love relationship sepenuhnya of lies and also egos that claims to love yet only hurts a relationship.. Despite emphasizing the dark side of the relationship, the lyrics lug the implied definition of courage and a strong stand in the face of ‘a toxic relationship’. Some of the Javanese text (like “Kowe ra iso mlayu saka error. Ajining myself one ing”, an interpretation “You cannot operation away native mistakes. A person’s self-esteem is top top the tongue (his words)”), room taken from the old Javanese proverb “Ajining soko lathi, ajining rogo soko busono.”

“LATHI” is an electronic dance music track the combines traditional elements tangan kedua in weird" music v a pumping beat entry the resembles monster" flow. However, the Javanese society runs an extremely thick transparent the song, and also features a bridge melihat Javanese lyrics that was sung with the style of sinden through Sara.

In a Facebook short article explaining the song, Weird jenius explains:

The creating & recording process is rather fast, around one month. The text are inspired by personal experiences that countless couples could have knowledgeable and menjadi written by Weird jenius with Sara Fajira. Musically, us balance EDM and modern english with traditional society from Javanese instruments and also lyrics.

“LATHI” is obtainable via download and streaming ~ above all digital music platforms starting February 28, 2020.