Satu, Satu

Children"s Song

(Bahasa Indonesia)

Satu, satu, aku sayang IbuDua, Dua, juga sayang ayah*Tiga, Tiga, bayi adik-kakakSatu, Dua, Tiga, bayinya semuanya.

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One and One

Children"s Song


One and also one, i love mine mummy,And kemudian two, ns love my daddy,And then three, ns love mine sister and brother**,One, two, three, ns love lock all.

Satu, satu, aku bayi IbuDua, Dua, also sayang ayah*Tiga, Tiga, bayinya adik-kakakSatu, Dua, Tiga, bayi semuanya.

One and one, ns love mine mummy,And kemudian two, ns love mine daddy,And kemudian three, ns love mine sister and brother**,One, two, three, ns love lock all.



*You can use one of two people "ayah" or "bapak" di sini for "Dad".**Literally "younger and also older siblings"*****This tune is sung in the mp3 together the text are tertulis above. The tune goes:Satu, satu, aku sayang medang (Ibu is from Malay = Mom)Dua, Dua, tambahan sayang ayah (Ayah is native Javanese = Dad) The tangga way should have actually been either using both Malay (bahasa melayu) words:Satu, satu, aku bayinya bunda (Mom)Dua, Dua, juga sayang ayah (Dad) Or this using both Javanese (basa jawa) words:Satu, satu, aku bayinya Ibu (Mom)Dua, Dua, tambahan sayang Bapak (Dad) *****


The Satu, Satu track was teach to Kirsten Haugen (a contributor come Mama Lisa"s dunia who spent number of months in Indonesia) both in Java and also in Bali.



Thanks and also Acknowledgements

Many many thanks to Yanthi Hutagaol because that contributing this song and also to Harri Saptadi from main Java district in Indonesia because that the paper music and comments about the song. Thanks juga to Monique Palomares because that the midi music.Terima kasih banyak!

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