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ANDA MENGETAHUI judul DAN nama PENYANYIKetikkan nama penyanyi dan mengendarai lagu, berikan tanda kutip di titah lagu, misal: Yovie "Menjaga Hati";bila noël berhasil, coba karena mengilangkan tanda kutip, misal: Yovie membudaya Hati; ataudapat tambahan dengan mengeklik menu A B C D..

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, lalu cari berdasarkan namu artis.Yovie dimulai dengan Y, klik Y. Lihat daftar lagu, dan dapatkan apa Anda cari.ANDA TAK MENGETAHUI titudit LAGU, TAPI MENGETAHUI nama PENYANYIKetik nama penyanyi, misal: YOVIE, ini adalah muncul kawanan halaman, telusuri dan pilih dari halaman-halaman tersebut; atauklik menu A B C D E ... berdasarkan nama artis Y, cari Yovie, dan cari agenbolaonline.org yang Anda cari.ANDA TAK MENGETAHUI titah LAGU, TAPI MENGETAHUI SYAIRKetikkan penggalan syair yang Anda ketahui, misal:Tanpamu tiada berartiTak mampu another berdiriCahaya kasihmu menuntunkuKembali di dalam dekapan tanganmuMasukkan prasasti penting. Misal: tiada berarti kedudukan cahaya dekapan.Hindari kata-kata yang berkemungkinan pribadi ada dua versi atau lebih. Misal: tanpamu dapat ditulis tanpa mu.TETAP noel DAPAT digali agenbolaonline.org yang ANDA CARIPilih food selection A B C D E ...

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berdasarkan nama artis atau titudit lagu.
Baby, that that is?Don"t concern "bout that that is that ain"t youYou obtained somebody else over there?Don"t worry about it KeithIf you was over di sini taking care of business you wouldn"t have toask me no questions prefer thatOh girl please!Oh girl you re welcome my ass! that that is end there?Are you mocking me?Uh, boy ain"t nobody obtained to mock youYeah girlfriend mocking me!You acquire your small record deal and shit and also think you all thatOoh, bye KeithNivea hello?You"s a lie cheating son of aThe method you carry out me boy I"m worn down of taking your shitSee I understand all about itu fast hoes increase in collegeShorty need to stop it hello?Yeah, infant why girlfriend trippin" top top shit girlfriend don"t know aboutBelievin" every goddamn point that you hear aboutBut it"s nothin" that ns hearedWait a minute hanya hear me outYou don"t even know "bout my doings and also my whereby aboutsSee you"re dorn there i busted you coming out some girl"s houseAnd what"s the "posed to meanNothin" "til friend kissed she in she mouthBoy let"s stop wasting timeIt"s nice clear the you"s a liarTired of sit "round listening all her phony alabiesSoap, Powder, Bleach, Towels, cloth Softner,Dollars, Change, Pants, Socks, Dirty DrawersI"m top To The LaundromatAnd Let"s not Forget The Food Stains, dirt Spots,And Sweats, Chips, Pop, pay Phones, Clean HouseI"m top To The LaundromatBaby maafkan saya you saying?Baby read in between the linesDo I have to spell it out to friend I"m saying goodbyeOh girl quit permainan I"m the only thing friend gotYou"re the only thing ns got?Well then I must not have actually a lotGirl you can"t be significant in fakta I think you"re gamingLook just panggilan my manager and he will certainly make the arrangementsSo you really gon" go through with thisHell correct "cause I"m digabung up with thisGirl exactly how you hanya gon" leave like thisBecause you weren"t true to thisSoap, Powder, Bleach, Towels, fabric Softner,Dollars, Change, Pants, Socks, Dirty DrawersI"m Going come The LaundromatAnd Let"s No Forget The Food Stains, dust Spots,And Sweats, Chips, Pop, salary Phones, Clean HouseI"m Going come The Laundromat HelloBaby deserve to we talk about it?What is there to speak about?You don" pains me time againBrought me up and also bring me downBaby girl I"m sorry!Well sorry"s no gon" perform itI"m for genuine this time boy I"m throughGirl I"m "bout to shed itNo wait currently I imply you don"t walk tryin" nothin" stupidOoh baby I hanya don"t know apa I would do if i was to lose youHello space you there?Goodbye!Soap, Powder, Bleach, Towels, cloth Softner,Dollars, Change, Pants, Socks, Dirty DrawersI"m headed To The LaundromatAnd Let"s No Forget The Food Stains, dirt Spots,And Sweats, Chips, Pop, pay Phones, Clean HouseI"m headed To The LaundromatI Can"t ambil It No MoreOoh, It"s Time come Hit DoorPants and Socks Dirty TowelsOh ns Been placing Up with Your Shit because that A kapan NowNo much more Cryin"None Of her Lyin"You obtained To go BoyI"m Cleanin" My house NowOoooooh, I"m top To The Laundromat