“My time in ~ YCM, I concerned YCM in respectable 2016 for six months to take part in this sosial program together a volunteer.From the really beginning, i felt overwhelmed through the people’s hospitality and also openness. That is the reason why I had actually hardly any problems by getting tangan kedua to the brand-new culture.

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Sophie Simon, Germany.

My name is Sophie and I am among the former YCM volunteers. My adventure began in October last year and also became definitely one that the best I ever had.

I remained six month at YCM and tidak pernah regret the decision to concerned Indonesia. Of food in the beginning it was not selalu easy to remain miles away from her family and also friends, come get digunakan to brand-new conditions and also to settle dibawah in a kind of new world but YCM helped me from start on to feeling comfortable and also to akan part of the wonderful family!

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Max, Germany.

“Before I involved Indonesia … I had been warned of closeup of the door minded people. That is just not true. All of the students and also tutors the YCM selalu appeared come be very open come me. I tidak pernah felt together if I imposed myself ~ above anybody. On the contrary, I thought I bisa really achieve something with my work and also that everybody was unbelievably thankful for that… ns cannot even retell every the successes and advances I witnessed during only six months in Indonesia. On optimal of that, I had fun. I made new friends and also learned a lot. This project provides much much more than just lessons and is much more than just a school. YCM never fails to do one smile as one start the building and is invited by such affectionate and warm people. The feels like coming home. Ns am an ext than content with mine decision to walk to Indonesia and also to help at YCM. No only since I think the YCM helps a many students and makes them happy, but due to the fact that it aided me and made me happy.”

Simon Wöller, Germany.

“To come here was one of the best decisions of ours lives.”

Fabian, Germany, Germany.

“YCM is a location where the students deserve to learn important an abilities to offer them far better chances in the daunting job market in Indonesia. I volunteered in ~ YCM for one tahun from 2010 come 2011. I was impression by the setting there. Every student is willing to find out a lot and also everybody is working and learning bersama in harmony… Every college student is a part of YCM, for this reason every student is offered tasks to execute like food preparation shopping or cleaning. Through this device everybody learns to untuk mengambil responsibility. Because that example, every work a group of the morning classes cooks food for lunch. For some students the is the an initial time that they have actually cooked, especially for the boys. YCM has juga nice activities like basketball, soccer, and traditional run on Saturday. It is a an excellent chance to build relationships outside of discovering lessons… YCM is a really useful and also effective project. Through this project, a many students have currently gained a opportunity of a better life. It is not just a location where students have the right to learn advantageous skills, the is juga a location where they have the right to find an ideas and mengharapkan for a better masa depan in a tough environment.”

Jascha, Germany.

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“When I first came to YCM i was for this reason surprised by every the cheerfulness. All the youngsters are so passionate to learn, since they know just how important education is for them. Truly, I also felt a bit ashamed since I wasn’t so thankful for my time in ~ school. But with kemudian happy deals with around, the was always great come teach and also to check out them getting much better at what they liked. I mengharapkan I have the right to stroll by YCM sooner or later soon, since I miss the good time I had actually at YCM.”

Alex, Australia.

“My time in ~ YCM was inspirational and also life-changing. The pure dedication of every staff and also tutors is remarkable, yet the paling special thing is the ownership the the students have of the Yayasan — the leadership they show and the obligation which they take for milik mereka own learning and also development. This is what the Yayasan is every about, and it melakukan its job really WELL!”

Ellen, Germany.

“I to be a volunteer at YCM for 2 months in 2009 and also I still cherish the experience I had actually there. It was good to invest a few weeks teaching in a ar that is so penuh of optimistic energy and creativity. YCM teaches its students a lot of important, helpful things, no only once it comes to linguistic and computer skills, but tambahan when it comes to confidence and a positive, hopeful strategy towards life. In class, the teachers attend to topics the the kids might otherwise not hear about in their daily lives, and the classes challenge them to question apa they know, do up milik mereka minds and membentuk their own, educated opinions. I definitely learned a lot from the kids there together well, who humour and also creativity left me an extremely impressed.”