Learn just how to Increase power Power (PLN)

The perkembangan of technology buatlah everyday life easier. Nowadays people are very dependent ~ above electricity. The number of electronic items tangan kedua determines how much electrical energy is needed. The electricity karakter itu in Indonesia provided by Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), a form of government monopoly to assistance welfare to the community. Because that every request regarding the readjust in electrical power must pass with the application di bawah PLN’s consent.

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Learn more, exactly how to increase electrical power power here.

Electric strength shortages are brought about by extreme use the electricity. To stop this come happen, apa we have the right to do is boost our electrical power. Every request deserve to be done through PLN secara resmi website or apps. The procedure of adding power will certainly be processed within 7 functioning days, but it will bawa pulang longer relying on your location.

PLN migration is a term used by PLN to readjust electrical power. You can decrease your electrical power or kejahatan versa. But the majority of rakyat use it to increase electrical power. Together we stated before, you have the right to request to boost your electrical power with PLN resmi website and apps.

Of course, over there is a nilai for itu of girlfriend who want to use power in ukurannya besar quantities. The nilai consists that the price of increasing power and also taxes. The addition of kWh or electricity has to be determined and also renewed by PLN. Actually, we deserve to say the price that they offered is quiet reasonable relying on your family members needs.


There are two cara you have the right to increase your electric power. Friend can record a request directly to the PLN office or online. This is how: 

A. PLN Office

Please keep in mind that friend should contact the nearest PLN unit office first before coming to the office. Bring all the papers needed:Photocopy of the terakhir electricity accountPhotocopy that the applicant's residence identification map (please provide juga a power of lawyer form, warrant, or various other supporting documents.)Your home site plan sheetAnticipate the estimated cost include: Service fee (Biaya Penanggungan / BP)Customer insurance Money (Uang lega Pelanggan / UJL)Stamp DutyOnce whatever is set up, do your payment at the nearest PLN Unit counter.

B. Resmi Website

Go to the PLN website (www.pln.co.id) and also click top top the power change section.First, read the terms and conditions. If so, click Agree.Fill in customer ID or meter ID, kemudian click mencari and wait for your data to appear.Click top top the include power tab and also fill in your identity.Then, complement the data girlfriend filled with the PLN database and if so, mite the copy client data option.Fill the desired electrical strength you desire to changeIf you great to boost power, over there is a fee to pay. As for strength reduction, it's free.For those of friend who room still melihat the old electrical power meter and also postpaid payment system, it will be changed with a brand-new meter and prepaid payment system.After that, you will certainly get an email from PLN and also asked to check by click the link provided.You will instantly be taken back to the PLN website and given a code bersama with the quantity to it is in paid. The code will also be sent out to your email.You deserve to make payments at a place supported by PLN kemudian as a specific bank, PPOB Kiosk, or the Indonesian post Office. (note: prepare the code for the payment)After the payment is successful, you hanya need to wait because that the PLN officer to involved your house to change your electricity. PLN policemans usually come 10 hari after payment.

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C. PLN mobile Apps

Download the PLN cell phone Apps top top the play Store or app StoreLogin / daftar for PLN mobile accountOn the residence page, pick RequestAfter that, pick Request for Tariff / power MutationEnter her data in the fields provided;Select service products: postpaid/prepaid, designation and also needs and also as well as brand-new electrical power requestClick calculate the cost, then it will present the price information and also estimated organization fees;Click the alternative for verifying dataEnter the Captcha code and also click save Application.

If you great to increase your electrical power, over there are certain conditions that you have to know and also agreed top top on. Di sini are the conditions:

Approve the provisions top top the placement of the Limiting and Measuring alat (APP) own by PLN in a safe and also easy ar for PLN police officers to check,Maintain PLN's APP and equipment,Pay compensation for application lost or damaged follow to the regulationsPay bills because that electricity intake on time,Pay added bills because of violations, electricity usage that is not totally measured or equipment not working properly,Provide location, paying the mengalihkan and compensation fees of kWh that are not connected (if the customer intends to move the electrical power poles and other sustaining equipment di bawah PLN's consent)Report to PLN in ~ 7 aku after the business to certain compliance with procedures. If the report happen the deadline, every the tindakan considered to it is in in accordance v the provisions referred to in write-up 8 paragraph (1) letter b.

record a request to readjust electrical strength onlineReceive a confirmation email and also the codeEnter the confirmation code on the PLN websiteThe validity the the confirmation code will certainly be checked and also if there any kind of unpaid billsIf you have paid all the bills, the customer will certainly receive an email in the form of one Installation allow (SIP) containing the Agenda numberi and Registration mageri (for payment)Registration sourse will be digunakan for payment at the financial institution / ATM / CountersAfter payment is successful, customers will be request to gejala a power Purchase agreement Letter (SJBTL)After receiving the PK and also BA, the officer will certainly come follow to the customer's applicationAfter completion, the officer will certainly confirm via data that the installation has actually been completed.

As discussed earlier, PLN gives online services to make it easier for users to readjust electric power. This PLN Online company is easily accessible on websites and apps. You must go to the resmi PLN website site or download the PLN mobile Apps for totally free on permainan Store and also App Store. These room the services that users can do:

Any electricity transactionsApply new electrical connectionChanges in electric power or migrationApply a temporary electric connectionPostpaid payment system

Other than that, girlfriend can juga pay your power bills quickly through the agenbolaonline.org App or websites. Various other than that, friend can tambahan check your power bills and collection a reminder to protect against paying late fees and also fines. So, don’t forget come visit perjalanan mobil and check your bills best now!