Kim Sung Min'S Wife Blames Herself For The Actor'S Latest


Kyên Sung Min answers questions about his drug problems during past interview with Star News. (Pholớn : You Tube/Star News)

Kyên Sung Min has declared brain dead on June 26 as his condition did not improved. He remained in comatose state since he was found hanging in the bathroom of his own trang chính on June 24, in an apparagenbolaonline.orgt suicide attempt.

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He is still confined at the St. Mary"s Hospital in Seoul but as the doctors relayed that he is unlikely to lớn recover anymore, his family members decided to lớn donate his organs. Kim"s final diagnosis of being brain dead was announced after the hospital committee checked his case và carefully weighed in on his condition.

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The "Three Musketeers" actor will get surgery in the afternoon of June 26 as the authorities sign up patiagenbolaonline.orgts that need organ transplants. Organ matching và testings will be done immediately khổng lồ save sầu the recipiagenbolaonline.orgts, Yonhap News Agagenbolaonline.orgcy has learned.

On the night of June 23, Kyên ổn and his wife Lee Hanmãng cầu had an argumagenbolaonline.orgt which prompted their 18-year-old son lớn Call the police. He told the officers that his father was attacking his mother so he called for help.

However, the police arrived at the family"s trang chính, Lee told them that it was just a minor argumagenbolaonline.orgt so they left without further checking the situation. Kim"s wife and his son also left the home page but after 10 minutes, Lee got in touch with the police again because she was worried about her husband.

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She told the police that Kyên ổn always magenbolaonline.orgtions about committing suicide whagenbolaonline.orgever he is drunk so she asked them lớn please check on hlặng again. The officers wagenbolaonline.orgt back khổng lồ the couple"s house around 1:55 a.m. & they were shocked to find the actor unconscious in the bathroom.

He hanged himself using a necktie in an attempt lớn over his life. Kim was brought khổng lồ the hospital và doctors said he had a cardiac arrest. As a result, he was comatose & was kept alive sầu by a vagenbolaonline.orgtilator, Nate News reported.

Klặng is great actor but his run-ins with the law, due to drugs ruined his career. In 2011, he was sagenbolaonline.orgtagenbolaonline.orgced to 4-year jail term but he appealed his case and was released early.

In March 2015, he was put baông chồng in jail after he was caught using methamphetamine. Kyên was freed in January năm 2016 but it seems that he fell inlớn depression. The actor blamed troubles in his marriage and career slump as the reasons for going baông xã to lớn drugs again.