JAKARTA – Glycohemoglobin or HbA1c is a test performed to oversaw blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. This test is brought out to be an indicator of therapy or carrying out a healthy lifestyle, especially itu that have been live by someone through diabetes.

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This method that in enhancement to experimentation the tingkat of glucose in the blood, a person with diabetes requirements an HbA1c test to identify whether drugs, diet, exercise, and also therapy impact blood sugar.

Because the Glycohemoglobin test is different from the blood sugar test that can be done every day once is the appropriate time because that an HbA1c test?

For itu of girlfriend who have diabetes, that is essential to execute an HbA1c test. This is useful for reviewing and analyzing how lot of a positive affect lifestyle and also medications taken every work have.

This hemoglobin A1C examination shows the average tingkat of glucose in the blood for the terakhir 2 to 3 months. Blood sugar levels in red blood cells in normal orang range listed below 5.7 percent. Because that someone through prediabetes between 5.7 – 6.4 percent and diabetes above 6.5 percent.

The HbA1c test have the right to be excellent every 3-6 months, if the glucose kadarnya in red blood cells is good, the threat of symptom is minimal. This check is indeed much more accurate than fasting blood street tests, arbitrarily or ~ eating, which have the right to be done at any kind of time.


Unlike the 2-hour glucose yongin test, the HbA1c test can be carry out at any time and also without fasting. The test is also less affected by drugs that impact glucose metabolism.

But once a person has anemia, hypertriglyceridemia, liver and kidney disease, and post blood transfusion, the test results will not display according come the condition.

To find out anything that requirements to be thought about related come other problems in the body, it"s best to consult a medical professional who tahu your clinical record.

In the bookSegala Sesuatu apa Harus anda Ketahui circa Diabetesby H. Tandra published in 2008, the HbA1c test is advantageous for surveillance a person"s indiscipline in dieting. Specifically if it melakukan not show transforms in glucose levels in hemoglobin in the long term.

Glycohemoglobin or HbA1c tests deserve to be excellent in hospitals or other diberkatilah anda facilities. Kapan the pengeluaran for the HbA1c check is between IDR 160,000 – IDR 200,000.

The way to alleviate HbA1c level is to be disciplined in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle according to dari mereka respective conditions. Because everyone has a different tubuh manusia condition, diligent control and consultation with professionals are encourage to measure exactly how successful you space in regulating diabetes.

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The paling important thing to store sugar levels in red blood cells listed below 6.5 percent is to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, keep a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and also manage stress.

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