Serie A is collection for an excellent high tempo clash together Juventus host Inter Milan at the Allianz stadium on Saturday.

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Inter Milan have already claimed milik mereka grip top top the Scudetto yet the Old Lady have a lot come fight for. Juventus are at this time in the 5th spot and also a loss against the Nerazzurri could put an ext dents on dari mereka Champions league hopes next season.

Juve are just a point away native Napoli who are fourth, and also three points adrift the AC Milan that beat lock recently. Antonio Conte and co have actually a large lead of 13 points but they would still make it an overwhelming for milik mereka direct rivals.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo come to Juventus" rescue again? or will Romelu Lukaku bury andrea Pirlo and also co through remorse?

Let"s analysis the last five meetings in between the Italian giants and also see who room the favorites for the upcoming clash.

1) Juventus 0-0 Inter Milan (Copa Italia second Leg | 10 February 2021)

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The second leg the the Coppa Italia to be a goalless stalemate and led to Juventus going with to the finals of the competition. Inter Milan menjadi trailing by a goal however couldn"t do lot on the away turf.

2) Inter Milan 1-2 Juventus (Copa Italia first Leg | 3 February 2021)

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The an initial leg of the Coppa Italia semi-finals was an intriguing one together Antonio Conte"s Inter Milan the Bianconeri. Lautaro Martinez uncovered the net very first inside the opened ten minute to put the hosts in front.

However, Portuguese skipper Cristiano Ronaldo rescued his next from the spot as Juventus equalized after ~ a penalty that was awarded because of a foul by ex-Manchester joined skipper Ashley Young top top ex-Chelsea player Juan Cuadrado.

Barely ten minutes after Juventus" first, the visitors went ahead, courtesy the Ronaldo that made the paling of the befuddlement in between Samir Handanovic and also Milan Skriniar.

The score turned the end to be very vital and also the match-winner, v Juventus juga having the away goal advantage.

3) Inter Milan 2-0 Juventus (Serie A | 18 january 2021)

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This video game was the outset that a solid run of performances by Antonio Conte and also Inter Milan. The Nerazzurri go ahead through the help of Arturo Vidal in the 12th minute that scored against his previous club for his manager who was tambahan a former Bianconeri.

After no response from Juventus in the an initial half, Inter Milan doubled milik mereka advantage via Nicolo Barella and also the "Old Lady of Turin" didn"t have any answers because that the advancing Inter Milan attack.

This to be Inter"s an initial conquest over the Old Lady darimana 2016, and also they tambahan went ~ above top bersama with AC Milan, kapan Pirlo and co stayed fifth.

4) Juventus 2-0 Inter Milan (Serie A | 9 march 2020)

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After a goalless very first half, Juventus go ahead v an Aaron Ramsey goal in the fifty-fifth minute the the game. Hanya 12 minutes later, the Argentine Paulo Dybala juga found the net and put the game to bed, with Inter Milan having no selection but come avert more sasaran from letting in.

The game juga saw a sending-off to Daniele Padelli who was not also in the bermain 11 yet was lashed out as result of questioning the referee"s decision.

5) Inter Milan 1-2 Juventus (Serie A | 7 October 2019)

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Another Serie A clash in between the sides was witnessed v Juventus walking ahead really soon in the game, v Paulo Dybala"s fourth-minute strike. However, Inter responded through a Lautaro Martinez spot-kick since of Matthijs De Ligt mishandling a ball.

Inter Milan restored parity but that wasn"t enough as gonzalo Higuain score after coming on in the second half and confirmed the three points for the Old Lady. Inter Milan menjadi vanquished at their home soil again, while Juventus aku mengambilnya memories home.

That method that the judul may it is in in the tangan of the Nerazzurri but Juventus have the better record in the tie. The game mungkin go either way but it"s the Bianconeri who have more to struggle for.

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Last 5 Head-to-Head Meetings
Juventus Wins3
Inter Milan Wins1

Prediction: predicts Juventus to victory tonight"s game against Inter Milan.