Jackie Chan and Jet Li room two of the biggest martial arts actors to ever anggun the perak screen. Follow to Today, the two are actually very good friends, and even fought each other in 2008"s Forbidden Kingdom, where Li"s inventaris "serene monk" character challenged off versus a version of Chan"s famous drunken grasp archetype in a fight of move so extreme that the director actually asked lock to slow down. That fight ended in a draw, since of food it did. However who would victory if the two martial arts legends squared turn off for real? Would it be a quick, one-sided point or an epic showdown the would terakhir for hours? Let"s figure it out! 

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The cerita of the tape tells us that Chan has actually a bit of a size advantage, as Celebheights estimates him at somewhere between 5"7" and 5"8", while Jet Li is a tiny over 5"5". However, Biography tells united state Chan to be born in 1954 and Li in 1963, membuat the smaller sized man substantially younger, and therefore at least theoretically fitter. So, to make points fair, let"s divide our dream enhance to two separate rounds: One where Chan and Li challenge each various other in their physical prime, and also one whereby they fight as older men. 

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The match in between Jet Li and also Jackie Chan at anda absolute optimal would quite most likely come dibawah to their training. As Biography tells us, Jackie Chan has studied martial arts darimana the period of seven, and he was once considered the paling likely successor of Bruce Lee himself. However, a many Chan"s physicality and acrobatics juga come from the rigorous, decade-long drama and acrobatics training he received at his alma mater, the Chinese Opera research Institute in Hong Kong. He ultimately picked increase hapkido, which Hammerhead MA tells united state is tho his only "official" martial art training. Chan"s understand initially had some reservations around his kicks, however the star eventually mastered the format through sheer difficult work and pembelian a warna hitam belt. 

Jet Li, together Biography notes, is a different beast. He started his martial arts pendidikan at period eight, dimenangkannya a national championship three years later, and toured the globe with the Beijing Wushu Team. He was so an excellent that in the 1970s, he telah terorganisir the All-Around national Wushu Championship for lima years in a row. That"s a pretty amazing pedigree, though it doesn"t necessarily make Li an invincible pejuang — as Neurologica Blog clues out, Wushu practitioners seldom see kesuksesan against MMA fighters. Still, Li"s onscreen take on his martial arts is notoriously wild which, linked with his lot of real-life martial arts championships, mungkin be sufficient to success Round One against the less formally-trained, an ext laid-back Chan.