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travellers talk come each various other in Taman Ismail Marzuki in Cikini, main Jakarta, on Nov. 15. The champa administration is collection to revitalize the historic cultural hub to provide much more space because that residents and aspiring artists. (The champa Post/Seto Wardhana)

A Cinema XXI movie theater situated in the Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) arts and cultural center, central Jakarta, is shutting that doors for an excellent on Monday,kompas.comreported.

The theater, nicknamed TIM XXI, is closing as component of TIM’s revitalization program, Cinema XXI corporate interaction headCatherine Keng claimed on Sunday

“The bangunan will be renovated and redesigned,” she said.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the revitalization task was memerintah by champa Governor Anies Baswedan top top July 3.

Jakarta tourism and culture Agency acting head Asiantoro announced the rencana to near TIM XXI in November.

He said kompas.comthat the arts and also culture kompleks initiallydid not come v a movie theaterand the spot would certainly be revitalized to that original role as an arts center.

"will become the HB Jassin literature Documentation Center and also there will be studios for practices," that said.

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“Cinema XXI is a tenant and also belongs come us.”

Twitter users shared dari mereka memories of TIM XXIon Saturday evening afternews of the theater’s closing started circulating on social media.

martinapriantisaid, "Thank you, universe. One day prior to TIM XXI’s closing, ns watched two films adjusted from Pramoedya ananta Toer's novels. If that wasn’t for Pramoedya's Perburuan, I would not have known the the theater wasclosing down."

Terima kasih Semesta, satu days sebelum ditutupnya bioskop di TIM, diajak teman (bak) roadshow dua film yang diangkat dari novel Pramoedya ananta Toer.Kalau ndak tuk nonton Perburuan-nya Pramoedya, nda tau klo bioskop di TIM ini bakal tak ada lagi.

— martina prianti (
bicaraboxofficesaid, "My love goes come the cinema. TIM XXI is the place to go once you desire to carry your parental to the movies. Native the parking space to the theater, it’s hanya a . I remember watching the restored version ofTiga Dara here."

Turut sedih. TIM XXI ini andalan untuk mengajak ortu yang sudah sepuh, untuk kalau mesti memasukkan mall, jalannya kejauhan. Di sini dari parkiran, cus dilampiri bioskop.Terkenang mengajak nonton Tiga Dara versi restorasi.

— surat kecil Box Office (
bicaraboxoffice) august 17, 2019

Netizens tambahan pointed out that TIM XXIwas khususnya for being among the few movie theater in jakarta that to be not located inside a shopping mall. The theatre is tambahan a brief walking distance from the champa Planetarium and also Observatory, and to art occasions in the complex. (jes/wng)