Learn exactly how to save Instagram videos for later so girlfriend can posting ulang engaging isi with your followers, keep motivation folder, and more.

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Knowing how to save Instagram videos can membantu you:

Share helpful content with your usersIncrease engagement ~ above InstagramInteract and also collaborate with various other users

Plus, you deserve to download lover puppy videos to clock later.

If that sounds up your alley, we want to tolong out. Di sini are lima easy cara you can save Instagram videos today.
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5 simple ways to save Instagram videos

Note: If she saving lainnya person’s video clip to share it on her own sosial feed, make sure to credit them in the post!

Not only is that the right thing to do, yet you deserve to avoid the kind of backlash that taken place to Jerry Media in beforehand 2019. The brand and dari mereka Instagram picture account come under api for repurposing users’ tweets and also posts without acquiring permission or crediting them.

1. Save Instagram articles to her Collections

This an approach helps you save videos to your personal Instagram profile. Friend can lebih jauh organize the posts you save via “Collections.” collection organize every the videos and pictures the users conserve on Instagram.

And it’s a simple: once you view a video clip you desire to save, click the save icon listed below it.

Once you tap the icon, it’ll be accessible to see in the Saved halaman of your profile. You can accessibility that by walk to your profile page, click the hamburger symbol in the height left side, and selecting Saved.

If you want to conserve the video clip to a specific mengumpulkan you’ve created, tap and hold the save icon and also choose which collection you want to save the video to.

This technique allows girlfriend to go back to a video clip any time you want and watch it again. But, you can’t repost isi to your very own feed from Collections.

2. Save your own Instagram videos

If you have a video clip you produced on Instagram for her profile or story, girlfriend can easily save it once you’re finished produksi it.

Simply record your video, and click top top the download switch at the top sebelum you short article it on your feed or story.

This works through videos you create for your feed and the ones you membuat for her Instagram story.

Luckily, if you’ve currently posted the video to your Instagram Story, you deserve to still conserve it.

Start by going come your cerita and city hall the video. In the reduced right hand corner, click the three dots for an ext options.

You’ll kemudian be taken to a food selection where you have the right to tap Save Video.

Your video clip will then download straight onto her phone.

Pro tip: walk to Settings > Privacy and Security > Story Controls and kemudian toggle ~ above Save to Camera Roll to instantly save all her Instagram story to her phone.

3. Manually document Instagram Stories

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t enable you to download videos you find on her feed or on various other users’ stories.

But, as long as you have actually the initial poster’s permission, there are numerous workarounds for that. One easy means to save Instagram videos is to record your screen while the video clip is playing.

For iOS users, you have the right to do this in five steps:

Swipe increase from the bottom of her iPhone to reach the Control Center.Press the one Record button.Tap Start Recording. A three second countdown will currently begin sebelum recording.Record your video.Open the Control Center again and also tap the red circular Record button come stop.

Your video clip recording will currently be easily accessible in her photos app. Inspect out the gif below for a penuh breakdown that this.


Androids don’t currently have a built-in function that enables you to document a screen. But there are some good apps out there that permit you to execute it. This is a couple of of them:

Any of this apps will provide you a great screen recording experience—and they’re free.

4. Usage an app to conserve Instagram videos

The easiest way for you to save an Instagram video clip to her phone in order to repost and bagikan with your customers is through a third party app.

The an excellent ones will permit you to quickly download videos from lagi user’s feed or Instagram story (again: as long as you have their permission). With it, you’ll be able to bagikan it or save it to check out at another time.

To tolong you out, di sini are a couple of great apps come download Instagram videos.

Note: because that each app, we’ve had a link for one of two people the Android or iOS download.

StorySaver (Android)

A cost-free app that enables users come download videos and photos indigenous Instagram stories. Users have the right to download the pictures from the story of customers they follow. The app is an extremely intuitive and also easy-to-use. That takes just a few taps to download a video.

Once downloaded, you will do it be may be to article the video clip on her own cerita or feed (with permission from and also credit come the initial creator, of course).

Story Reposter (iOS)

Another great iOS app that allows you come download videos from users’ Instagram stories. Favor StorySaver, you’ll have the ability to save and also repost videos and images from berbeda Instagram Stories.

All you have to do is mencari for the file you want to rip the video clip from, and also click top top it sebelum choosing the video you desire to download.

Quick Reposter (iOS)

An app that enables you come both repost images and also videos, as well as save and also download them.

It has actually a an extremely intuitive user interface and simple design. Merely copy the link to the picture or video you want to download, and also it will save it to your device.

Quicksave (Android)

Another great app that’s comparable to quick Reposter. To conserve a post, just copy the photo or video clip URL and mulai downloading.

Also, with more than three million downloads, you will do it be in plenty of company with this famous Instagram video clip download app.

5. Use a internet downloader

There room a number of good websites the end there that permit you to download and also save Instagram videos to her computer.The record is that you won’t be able to repost lock on Instagram without importing castle to her phone first. That a comfortable trick if you desire to save Instagram videos and images because that posterity.

Here are a few good website that enable you come download a video clip with one Instagram link:

And nothing forget: Make certain you have actually the initial poster’s permission come download their video, especially if you space going to repost the on your own account.

And that’s it. Friend now have the tools and also know-how to conserve videos on Instagram.

Now go make great content (or repost great user-generated content).

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