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Anda sedang menonton: Girl from nowhere season 1 episode 8


TK can"t avoid stealing, and also his new friend Nanno only motivates him to continue. But underneath that all, he"s hanya a lonely kid who misses his father. (Source: Netflix)
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please explain around the EP 4 through Shokoofeh 2 0

Best ilustrasi of the season

but it was hanya sad. Ns think ns cried v the whole thing. TK was so frickin' alone and lonely. I'm glad he understood Nanno's intentions, however I'm sad he lost her anyway.

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By much my favorite ilustrasi of the series.

A berbeda approach from other episodes. This time we see a love cerita forming and also there were seperti good life lessons told in this episode.

A new breath that air

Girl from nowhere talks around a girl who goes to different schools and also unleashes the dark sides within each schools yet she does this in a horror and psychological way, yet in episode 8, it's a breath of new air, due to the fact that it talks around a guy named TK, that loves to steal things and also Nanno tries to teach a lesson by understanding the worth of something when will the disapper, the whole episode was the most wholesome because that me, due to the fact that for the an initial time, Nanno confirmed raw emotions in the direction of TK, she discovered him the paling genuine she met, that's why she to be attached to him, lock stole things together, talk about things and even laughed together, the part that yes, really touch me is where TK request Nanno to not disapper on him due to the fact that he feels like that she will certainly be pursued her mission finish, clearly Nanno was shocked and saddened by the thought, in spite of being betrayed her, TK didn't host a grudge versus her, he yes, really cares about her and tries to recognize her, Nanno allow TK satisfy his father and in the finish they met again for the terakhir time, which is heartbreaking, the terakhir part really persuaded me that Nanno genuinely had feelings because that TK and also same goes because that him, as both of castle looked teary-eyed especially Nanno, that left v puffy red eyes as if she was crying. For me, this ilustrasi showed that we have to appreciate the things we have actually now and everyone has a soft spot choose the daughter that Satan. I really hoped because that the both of lock to end together.

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