Nazar (The Gaze) is a 1991 hindi film based upon Fyodor Dostoevsky"s quick story, The Meek One. The film developed by the national Film perkembangan Corporation the India (NFDC) was directed by Mani Kaul and also starred his daughter Shambhavi Kaul with Shekhar Kapur and Surekha Sikri.

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The film travelled to international festivals like the Birmingham film Festival in UK, Fribourg movie Festival in Germany, Hong Kong global Film Festival, Lisbon film Festival in Portugal, Locarno film Festival in Switzerland, London film Festival in UK, Rotterdam film Festival in Netherlands, Festival des 3 continent at Nantes in France and also the Seattle movie Festival in USA.


An neck dealer-cum-money lender hidup in a spacious level in a multi-storied building in Mumbai with his aunt. Despite middle-aged himself, the marries a 17-year-old orphan girl and brings she home. The movie starts off v the young wife committing suicide. He recollects what went sebelum that and what might have moved her to finish her life.

Ariel (poem)

"Ariel" is a poem tertulis by the American poet Sylvia Plath. That was written on October 27, 1962, shortly sebelum her death, and also published posthumously in the koleksi Ariel in 1965, that which it is the namesake. Regardless of its ambiguity, it is literally interpreted to describe an early morning horse-ride towards the increasing sun. Scholars and literary movie critics have applied variasi methods of penafsiran to "Ariel".

Style and structure

"Ariel" is written of ten three-line stanzas with secondary single line at the end, and also follows an unexplained slanted luck scheme. Literary commentator william V. Davis catatan a adjust in tone and break the the slanted rhyme scheme in the 6th stanza i beg your pardon marks a shift in the design template of the poem, from gift literally around a steed ride, to much more of a metaphoric experience of oneness through the horse and also the act of speak itself.


It has been speculated that, being tertulis on she birthday as well as lihat the general theme the rebirth, "Ariel" acted as a sort of psychic rebirth for the poet. The poem, written just tahun months before her eventual suicide, thus, not surprisingly given its name as well, is among her Ariel poems. "Ariel" was the surname of the equine Plath rode in ~ a riding school on Dartmoor in Devon. Ted Hughes, Plath"s husband, comments:

Ariel Motorcycles

Ariel Motorcycles to be a british motorcycle manufacturer based in Bournbrook, Birmingham. That was one of the top innovators in brothers motorcycling, and also was component of the Ariel marque. The company was offered to BSA in 1951 yet the Ariel brand survived until 1967. Prominent Ariel designers contained Val page and Edward Turner. The terakhir motorcycle-type vehicle to bring the Ariel surname was a short-lived 3-wheel tilting moped launched in 1970.

Ariel do bicycles sebelum making motorcycles, and tambahan made automobiles. Car production started in 1902 and moved to coventry in 1911, yet ceased in 1925.

The "Ariel" surname was reused in 1999 for the formation of Ariel Ltd, a sports car producer.


Bicycles and early motorised vehicles

The original company was established in 1870 by James Starley and William Hillman. They developed wire-spoke wheels di bawah the very first British patent; this enabled them tambahan to develop a lighter-weight "penny farthing" bicycle which they named "Ariel" (the spirit of the air). They placed the surname on the factory where they made penny-farthing bicycles and sewing machines. In 1885 James Starley"s nephew, john Kemp Starley, invented the "Rover safety Bicycle" - a bicycle through two similar-sized wheels and also chain drive to the behind wheel, i beg your pardon is basically the architecture still used on bicycles today.

perform of legacy of bahan characters

This is a perform of characters in the heritage of kain series of video games, created and produced by video game developers crystal Dynamics and Silicon Knights. The franchise, which comprises tahun action-adventure games—Blood Omen: legacy of bahan (1996), tradition of Kain: spirit Reaver (1999), heart Reaver 2 (2001), Blood Omen 2 (2002), and also Legacy that Kain: Defiance (2003)—takes location in the fantasy land of Nosgoth, and follows the protagonist, Kain, a vampire destined to maintain the balance that the world. He and also Raziel, the series" an additional playable character, are supported by a variety of non-player characters and also bosses.

Inspired through the literary style of playwright william Shakespeare, Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack and also writer Ken McCulloch made an initiative to subvert ide ide of moral absolutism when conceiving Blood Omen: legacy of Kain"s key cast, feeling that the video clip game industri lacked a story addressing worries of good and evil, propaganda, and also fate. Crystal Dynamics" Amy Hennig, that directed subsequent games, melanjutkan this kecenderungan in the sequels, aiming to stop two-dimensional, uncomplicated characters. She felt it right to ensure that each one was given depth, flaws and realistic motives corresponding to their belief systems.

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Dua (disambiguation)

Dua (Arabic: دعاء‎) is the islamic term for the plot of supplication.

Dua is the Asante Twi word because that Tree.

DUA or Dua may also refer to:-

Acronyms and codes


Other meanings

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Dan (newspaper)

Dan (Serbian Cyrillic: Дан, pronounced ; English: The Day) is a day-to-day newspaper released in Montenegro. It took its surname from the old work Cetinje monthly newspaper that was released in the old Montenegrin state in ~ the beginning of the 20th century. As of 2009 it telah terorganisir the 2nd place after Vijesti with a posting ulang of an approximated 31,6% the the country"s total readers.

History and profile

The first melepaskan of Dan appeared on 31 December 1999. Best from that is start, Dan was among the harshest critics of Milo Đukanović"s regimen in Montenegro. In may 2001, together Croatian magazine Nacional) began a collection of articles and also insider interviews top top state-sponsored cigarette smuggling in Montenegro di bawah Djukanovic"s regime, Dan was the only media outlet in the country to lug the details the the "Nacional affair" come the Montenegrin public.

On 27 may 2004 Dan founder and editor-in-chief Duško Jovanović was assassinated top top a Podgorica street in front of the paper"s offices. Even though a an extensive police investigation created a couple of arrests, along with an immediate assassin-suspect currently on trial, the individu behind the murder have still no been identified. That is alleged that the DPS-controlled federal government both sponsored and also covered increase the event.

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Dan, Israel

Dan (Hebrew: דָּן) is a kibbutz in the northern component of the Hula Valley, at the foot that Mt. Hermon, in the upper Galilee, Israel.


Kibbutz Dan was started in 1939 by Jewish farmers from Transylvania. The is affiliated through the Hashomer Hatzair movement. In 1947, the population was 340.Dan was one of two villages established in honour that Menachem Ussishkin. The was called after the Israelite kota of "Dan" discussed in 1 emperors 12:29, 1 Samuel 3:20 and Genesis 14:14, and which has actually been determined with nearby Tel Dan. Kibbutz Dan is located in the are of the Israelite tribe of Dan (Joshua 19:47). It suffered hefty losses throughout the 1948 Arab-Israel war, bearing the brunt that the Syrian invasion.


One that the very first economic branches was a cooperative trout-breeding endeavor with nearby Kibbutz Dafna.

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The Caviar Galilee Company, which exports caviar di bawah the brand surname "Karat Caviar," is based upon the kibbutz. Follow to Eric Ripert, chef and proprietor the Le Bernadin, taken into consideration the top seafood restaurant in brand-new York, and also Jean Francois Bruel, cook of Daniel, a Michelin 3-star rated restaurant in Manhattan"s Upper eastern Side, the finest caviar on the pasar today is created by Kibbutz Dan. The kibbutz exports caviar come the joined States, Europe, Russia, Japan, Singapore and also Canada. In 2011, the agency produced 3,000 kilograms. That has rencana to increase production progressively to 8,000 kilograms a year.