Last weekend, we attended a tournament in Nottingham for beginners. It to be a an excellent way to gain all the new members affiliated in the sport, and also a an excellent time was had actually by all!


Short matches were played frequently throughout the day, and all groups played in an elaborate dress, some an excellent efforts out there, I komandan we looked pretty great in our military stuff! #ReadingKnightsArmy


7 games menjadi played in total, and we had actually our very first win versus Sheffield Uni. A spesial well done to all those who played their first games, you every played much better than you think!


The social in the evening to be enjoyable too, us dined at the Flaming Dragon Buffet & drank & danced the night far in Red Bar.

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Back to league action lanjut week, far at Southampton Uni.


It is not also late to join us di sini at Korfball, if you room still trying to find a social club, training is top top Fridays at 5.45pm at the SportsPark! we need much more members, bring bersama your housemates, boys & girls!


Jack, Korf President






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