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Sharpshooter: The movie 22 Menit is motivated by the thamrin terrorist strike in january 2016. (Ario Bayu). (Courtesy of Buttonijo Films)

Sharpshooter: The film 22 Menit is motivated by the thamrin terrorist assault in januari 2016. (Ario Bayu). (Courtesy the Buttonijo Films)

In the grand system of things, 22 minutes can not be the long but for those who uncovered themselves in a crisis, it can have felt like 22 hours.The terror strikes that rocked champa on Jan. 14, 2016, is one ~ above a perform of Islamist terror strikes that have actually haunted both the capital and also Indonesia. Yet, life in the large Durian moved on, together Jakartans proclaimed on masyarakat media with the hashtag#KamiTidakTakut (#WeAreNotAfraid) and also coping with the suspense through memes and humor.22 Menit (22 Minutes), an action movie influenced by the thamrin attacks looks for to portray the manusia aspect the the tragedy instead. The judul itself is claimed to refer to the police’s claim that they regained manage over the case in 22 minutes.The movie speak the cerita of Ardi (Ario Bayu), a member the the ke hulu antiterrorism squad, that puts his life on the line to save the day and also the city. 22 Menit juga features other personalities that are recorded up in the chaos and confusion. Each has anda own stories and also backgrounds.There space traffic police officer Firman (Ade Firman Hakim) in the middle of conducting a traffic stop, office young Anas (Ence Bagus) out buying lunch, as well as private sector employees Dessy (Ardina Rasti) and Mitha (Hana Malasan) who were simply in the wrong ar at the not correct time.22 Menit start out with a shoot of jakarta in the morning v all the traffic and whatnot, bersama with the personalities going about milik mereka activities, even showing the terrorists as much more humans in a megapolis of end 10 juta residents.As the first bomb in the film’s ersatz Starbucks walk off, the audience is cure to a scene of pandemonium, contrasted through the former serenity which come off together a shock come both the audience and characters in the movie.For every scene whereby a bomb goes off, 22 Menit rewinds the time to minutes sebelum the blast, maybe to present the perbedaan viewpoints.Despite the movie acquisition place and being filmed in Thamrin, manager Eugene Panji insists that 22 Menit is not a factual retelling of the attacks.“This movie is not based upon a true story but that is inspired by it,” Eugene said, adding that the team reconstructed practically 70 percent that the thamrin incidents.Semantics aside, or because of stated semantics, 22 Menit indeed ambil some creative liberties to show action-packed scenes, seperti as rooftop snipers taking aim at onlookers gawking at the blast scene and an office hostage situation neutralized through a neat shot come the temple.Curiously, even though perpetrators that the thamrin attacks dulu linked come the islamic State terror group, no mention was make of the terrorists’ ideological background in the movie.“I am no interested in talking around religion, <...> however anything related to humanism is important to me,” Eugene said. “When us talk about terrorism, it is no an issue of faith or culture, however of a radical ideology where anyone rather not component of them worthy to die.”Eugene offers as instances the victims depicted in the movie, both Muslim locals recorded up in the blast, the token Caucasian man who gets a cartridge to the brain for his troubles, and the police officers who had to sit in milik mereka post on a hot day and dulu blown increase anywayProducer Lexy mereal certainly agreed through Eugene’s stance, saying the 22 Menit has no secara politis message.“If you clock the movie, girlfriend will watch that this a pure pergerakan movie, and that there room no terrorists or mention of words terrorism, hanya as if it is a sekutunya crime v some bad guys shoot up people in the street and engaging in a shootout v the police,” Lexy said.Yikes. For its entire whitewashed variation of islam terrorism, 22 Menit deserve to stand top top its own as an pergerakan movie and its manufacturing values must be lauded as the cast and crew definitely did dari mereka research.Ario was based on a boot camp and made to wear a vest weighing 9 kilograms to gain into the groove the an really member that the ke hulu squad, kapan Ade it was observed the mannerisms the the traffic police in Thamrin.22 Menit also received support from the national Police, through the studio conducting study for a penuh year sebelum production began. National Police Chief tito Karnavian even made a cameo along with his wife, being stopped by the police for not aus dan sobek a helmet while trying to obtain out the the ticket through saying that they are friends of the cook of police.To sum up, 22 Menit is 75 minute of action that should have the ability to give the audience what they room looking for: bullets flying everywhere and explosions galore, no unlike a common Hollywood flick.Just be sure to collection aside the apparent hurdle that educating the public about terror without addressing the radical belief of terrorism, and you’re an excellent to go.


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