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EXO - because that Life (English ver.) (3.33 MB)

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Lyric EXO - for Life (English ver.)
This life has actually twists and also turnBut it’s sweetest mystery, once you’re v meWe speak a thousand words, however no one rather is listeningI will certainly beEvery night and also every dayNo matter what might come our way, we’ll yes, really stick togetherThe dark transforms the light, we both come lively tonightI’m talk bout foreverReff:Never gonna let girlfriend goGiving you mine heart and soulI’ll it is in right here with you because that lifeOoh infant all i wanna doIs spend my every 2nd with youSo watch in my eyesI’ll be by her sideThe storms might come and winds might blowI’ll be your sanctuary for lifeThis love , this loveI mean it it rotates the day ns dieOh, tidak pernah gonna let you goGiving you my heart and soulI’ll it is in right di sini with you because that lifeOoh, infant all ns wanna doIs invest my every 2nd with youSo watch in my eyesI’ll it is in by your sideYeah look in mine eyesI’ll be by her sideFor life
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