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By lihat Instagram video clip Downloader you deserve to download videos and also photos indigenous Instagram top top your directly to your (iPhone, Android device, Pc, or Mac) 100% FREE.

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All you need to do is hanya copy the URL of the video or picture (Image) indigenous Instagram kemudian paste that in the above input text box.

Instagram video Downloader attributes :Fast, easy, and secure.No have to login in to her Instagram account.You deserve to download Instagram videos & image with hanya one click.Save & download videos and also photos in their original resolution & quality.

How come Download Instagram Videos / Photos

Note: The video or picture which you will download should be from a public Instagram account. However you still able to download videos and photos from exclusive Instagram accounts. Just click here.

Step 1: Copy the video or photo’s URL native your terbawa or Instagram app.On the Instagram app:Tap

(iOS) or
(Android) above the short article and kemudian tap Copy posting ulang URL. The attach will be conserved to her clipboard.


On the computer / Mac:Right-click top top the day of the video clip or picture on Instagram kemudian click "Copy link Address"
Step 2: dough URL in the above text crate area.Step 3: hit the "Download"button.

UPDATE (01 january 2021):Now, the downloader supports downloading and install & conserving videos from Instagram Reels.We have actually fixed part downloader bugs as well as performance improvements.
Well, us have currently created a step-by-step overview on how to download any kind of video to your iPhone or iPad. Just follow this link Download Instagram videos on iPhone.
If girlfriend use any type of Android phone or tablet computer (for instance Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Google Pixel or any kind of other device), you have the right to follow our guide Download Instagram videos on Android Device.
You have the right to solve this issue, instead of left-clicking use the Right Click -> conserve as... and choose the ar where you desire to save the video.
Does this organization Download Youtube Videos (
Sorry, but Youtube isn"t supported. Because of Youtube and also Google Chrome Webstore policy, we disabled this feature.

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You can"t save Instagram Live videos while streaming however you can download them after they complete streaming.