Directions: concerns 91-95 space incomplete sentences. Beneath each kalimat you will certainly see five words, phrases, orclauses significant A, B, C, D, or E. Choose the one word, phrase, or i that best completes thesentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and to fill in the an are thatcorresponds to the answer you have choosen..

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93. Shanghai ... On a flat seaside plain southern of the mouth that the Yangtze River, ~ above the tidal Whangpoo flow nor far from the coast.
Directions: inquiries 96-100, each kalimat has tahun underlined words or phrases. The 4 underlined bagian aremarked A, B, C, D, or E. Identify the one underlined indigenous or phrase that have to be adjusted in order for thesentence to it is in correct. Then, on her answer sheet, uncover the sourse of the question and to fill in the spacethat coincides to the prize you have choosen.
96. Kentucky (a)have a well-(b)developed device of state (c)and federal highways (d)including federal government (e)roads and excellent state superhighways.
97. If (a)there is a characteristic that distinguishes a scientist (b)from various other (c)scholars, that is (d)perhaps his (e)independent that mind.
98. (a)The change in arah of a ray (b)at a boundary (c)between different materials (d)are called refraction and can be (e)calculated precisely.
99. The head (a)of a sea horse is set (b)in right angle (c)to the tubuh and has actually a tubular snout (d)that end (e)in a suctorial mouth.
100. (a)Rubber trees usually are (b)ready for latex (c)produce as soon as (d)they are around six or seven (e)years old.
Directions : read each artikel carefully. Uncover the answer selection that bisa best be tangan kedua in ar of the underlined expressionas it shows up in the sentence.
101. Books and lectures may have value in answering details questions and also doubts. The word value in this konteks is closestly in an interpretation to …
102. In cities choose Milan and also Paris, each year brings a brand-new mode and a new crop that artist. The word setting in this context is closestly in meaning to …
103. After ~ the early shock of her husband’s sudden death, she started to accept the situation. The word initial in this definisi kertas is the next in definition to …
104. The unified States government supported the latest United countries resolution and also China abstained. Words resolution in this context is closestly in an interpretation to …
105. In most part that Indonesia, throughout the Lebaranpeople visit anda relatives and also forgive each other
for the bad deeds they have actually done. The word relatives in this konteks is the next in definition to …
106. In a kasar solar eclipse, the bulan covers the center of the Sun, leave a glowing ring the light
107. One publishing firm was granted a government contract to multiply and distribute the check materials. Words granted in this definisi kertas is the next in definition to …
108. It is approximated that the sourse of ranches has diminished by 70 per cent. The word approximated in this context is closestly in definition to …
109. There is a close link between a rising perbandingan of unemployment and a rising suicide rate. The word perbandingan in this konteks is closest in meaning to …
110. Tired of living in a large cities, many orang live in the jungle, in a settlement by a river. The word settlement in this definisi kertas is closest in definition to …
Directions : in this ar you will read several passages. Every one is complied with by number of questions about it. You space to pick the one best answer A, B, C, D, or E to each question. Answer every questions adhering to a passage on the mengurung of what is proclaimed or comprise in the passage.
Solid state physics is largely concerned with crystals and also electronics in crystals. The riset of heavy state physics began in the early years of the tweetieth century adhering to the exploration of x-ray
diffraction by crystals and the publication of a series of simple calcutions and successful predicttions
When a crystal grows in a consistent environment, the membentuk develops as identical building blocks are added continuously. The bangunan blocks space atoms or teams of atoms, so that a crystal is a three-dimensional periodic selection of atoms. This was known in the eighteenth century as soon as mineralogists discovered that the table of contents numbers that the direction of all faces of a decision are exact integers. Only the setup of identical particles in a periodic array can account for the legislation of integral indices, as debated below.
In 1912 a paper entitled “Interference effects of Rontgen rays” was presented come the Bavarian akademi of scientific researches in Munich. In the first part that the paper, Laue arisen an elementary
matter physics, and, as we’ll watch soon, that is now the largest and probably the most vigorous area
Products layouts space often characterized in kapak of the time necessary to change the setup the machinery and also equipment digunakan to produce the final product. Thus, a certain that bekerja untuk concentrated orange juice can use one assembly line setup and also run it because that one, two, or 3 shifts day-to-day without transforming the procedures or machinery involved. Every unit the the product follows the same course through the manufacturing layout. Similary, an vehicle assembly line that produces just one design of the existing year’s auto can usage a product assembly line for the whole production period of the model.
When a membuat or assembly operation faces a solitary product or one product in ~ a time, that is mungkin to minimize the unproductive pindah of materials and products. All kerja are arranged near each other, in sequence. Raw products are received at the very first work station, and finished products show up at the end of the line for shipping or storage.
Process layouts involve much shorter periods of time in between changes of machinery or equipment. Castle are forced by factories the produce different products in ~ the very same time. Because that example, a foundry may have present production orders for several assets –such together steel grill products, horseshoes, and wheelbarrows- and all commodities may be going v the foundry in ~ once. Each product may invove similar operations, yet each juga requires separate processes. Therefore, no all machines have the right to be arranged in a continous-process line. The layout must position the proper mageri and kind of machines at berbeda stations in the line to store all work-related orders moving. At times, some makers may it is in idle for a period, and also it may be necessary to wait in ~ other occupational stations.

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Product and procedure layouts room often uncovered in very besar plants that manufacture many of the bagian of subassemblies digunakan in dari mereka final products. Because that example, manufactures of hefty machinery commonly have their own maker shops, in i beg your pardon a procedure layout is needed. But milik mereka final assembly lines have the right to use a product layout. Then, too, smaller factories might produce countless units the a product, both for dari mereka own use and for revenue to various other firms. A foundry, because that instance, may develop wheels for use on its very own wheelbarrows and also for revenue to other firms for their products. This firm mungkin have a product layout for the production of wheels, kapan its berbisa operations may need a procedure layout.
124. According to the text, unproductive pergerakan of materials and products deserve to be decreased in …
125. Information around he best arrangement of the number and kind of machine in an assembly line to for sure the best work functioning can be discovered in lines …