35+ Contoh Soal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MA dan terkunci Jawabnya Terbaru- halo adik adik, nah diatas kesempatan apa baik ini kakak ingin pemisah beberapa contoh soal UAS untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris apa dibuat khusus dari kakak untuk kelas X SMA/MA. Soal ini siap kakak siapkan dengan kunci jawabannya. Sehingga akan memudahkan adik adik dalam mengerjakannnya.

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35+ Contoh Soal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MA dan mengunci Jawabnya Terbaru


35+ Contoh Soal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MA dan terkunci Jawabnya Terbaru
- Bagi sahabat agenbolaonline.org accordingly saja berada apa ingin sekali mempelajariSoal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MAini, adik adik bisa menguduh materi ini di agenbolaonline.org di dalam bentuk document doc. Berikut ini adalah rincianSoal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MA.. SELAMAT MENGUNDUH YAA...Berikut agenbolaonline.org memberikanSoal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MAPETUNJUK UMUM1. Tulis namamu di pojok kanan atas2. Bacalah setiap soal menjangkau teliti.3. Kerjakan dulu soal apa kamu anggap mudah.4. Periksa kembali pekerjaanmu silam diserahkan di atas Pengawas/GuruA. Berilah tanda tangan silang (x) didepan huruf a,b atau c didepan jawaban apa benar !Dear Sally,Last holiday, mine friends and also I checked out Ponorogo in eastern Java. Ponorogo is a kecil city, yet it is very natural and beautiful. We invested the night in ~ a villa in Jetis. Top top the very first day, we saw Prigi southerly beach. Us watched the impressive views that the sea and also the white waves. Us grilled fish and also had “Nasi Pecel” for lunch. Top top the 2nd day, we checked out “Dongko” mountain resort. There were a most plants, specifically clove trees. We camped there for a night. Ns love Ponorogo due to the fact that the rakyat are an extremely friendly and also the prices room cheap.I’II lug some images for you.Love,Anna1. Maafkan saya kind of message is it?a. Narrativeb. Procedurec. Recountd. Descriptivee. ExplanationAnswer: dPembahasan: mendeskripsikan kata Ponorogo2. The following sentences space the reasons why the writer loves Ponorogo, other than ….a. The see of the sea room amazingb. The orang are friendlyc. The prices room cheapd. Ponorogo has actually beautiful viewse. The villa is comfortableAnswer: ePembahasan: tidak tercantum batin teks3. What does the text greatly tell us?a. The beautiful placeb. The trip to Ponorogoc. Dongko hill resortd. The prigi beache. A villa in JetisAnswer: bPembahasan: teks menceritakan sekitar perjalanan usai Ponorogo4. “… the prices room cheap there.”What is the antonym of the italicized word?a. Expensiveb. Reasonablec. Cleard. Fixede. ComfortableAnswer: aPembahasan: Cheap>5. “… but it is an extremely natural and also beautiful.”The synonym of the italicized native is ….a. Extraordinaryb. Purec. Prettyd. Amazinge. SoftAnswer: bPembahasan: herbal = PureThis text is for pertanyaan no. 6-10

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Cocoa beach Florida is recognized as the perfect coast town. It is one hour journey to east of Orlando ~ above Florida’s amazing an are Coast. The drive di sini is almost as beautiful as the beach.Cocoa Beach is one of the paling affordable coast vacations in Florida. There space a lot of things to see roughly Cocoa Beach. Space coast offers girlfriend the chance to go deep sea fishing or parasailing, flow tour and getting up close v the amazing wildlife the Florida.While in ~ Cocoa Beach, traveler can also visit the Kennedy room Center, the Brevard Zoo, or invest some time shopping. They room within brief driving street to all of the Orlando attractions, and also drive kembali to Cocoa beach at nightto gain dinner in one of the plenty of dining spots on the beach.When night sets in, tourist can travel bagian belakang and reap the nightlife top top the coast that arrays from cool jazz clubs to beach side cafes. There are some framework to continue to be with perfect accommodations and wake up to a breathtaking sunrise top top the beach.With many of offers, tourist or businessmen who choose beach vacation, Cocoa beach is the ideal place come consider. Castle will discover exactly maafkan saya they have actually been feather for.6. What is the text about?a. Cocoa Bleachb. Cocoa Beachc. Caneel Bayd. Lengthy Beache. CaliforniaAnswer: bPembahasan: teks tersebut mendeskripsikan Cocoa coast Florida7. Wherein is the located?a. Texasb. Floridac. Nabraskad. New Mexicoe. CarribeanAnswer: bPembahasan: disebutkan batin teks paragraf pertama8. According to the text, where do you go if you want to go deep sea fishing or parasailing?a. An are Coastb. Barat Coastc. Eastern Coastd. Yellow Coaste. Freckles CoastAnswer: aPembahasan: disebutkan di dalam teks paragraf kedua9. While at Cocoa Beach, maafkan saya are other places that the traveler can juga visit?a. Kennedy room Centerb. The Brevard Zooc. Hoosac Schoold. Laguna Beache. A & bAnswer: ePembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks paragraf ketiga10. Which country is Cocoa beach in?a. UKb. Uruguayc. Mexicod. USAe. CanadaAnswer: dPembahasan: Cocoa coast ada di Orlando, Florida. Florida adalah deviasi satu country bagian di Amerika Serikat11. Cindy : “Mom, I’ve got the scholarship”. Mom : “Congratulations! ….”a. I’m for this reason proud the you.b. That’s a pity.c. Senang birthday.d. That’s for this reason sweet.e. That’s awful.Answer: aPembahasan: demonstrasi kebanggaan nanti mengucapkan selamat12. Mine sister is not just beautiful, but tambahan has some great characters, which space ….a. Lazy and sensitiveb. Stupid and lazyc. Friendly and also cheerfuld. Lazy and shye. Careless and sensitiveAnswer: cPembahasan: opsi lain mengandung kata-kata apa berarti negatif13. My english teacher always kekuasaan me feeling exticed to study. He always has new jokes every day. It method he is a ….a. Humorousb. Shyc. Diligentd. Lazye. TalkativeAnswer: aPembahasan: jawaban apa cocok untuk menggambarkan orang yang lucu dan memiliki kawanan lelucon14. Martha: “Ratna, ns heard you acquired a scholarship native a prominent university. …” Ratna : “Thank you, I’m so happy about it.”a. Please accept my condolences.b. I’m proud of your sister.c. You must be an extremely upset.d. Congratulations! I’m proud of you.e. Not at all.Answer: dPembahasan: penasaran selamatThis message is for inquiries no. 15-19
Tanjung Benoa is a coast town. It is situated at the elite area in Nusa Dua Bali. The area is located with the see of the sea in Bali. On the utara side, there are Benoa Harbour, Mertasari Recreation Park, and penyerbuan Island. The foreigners panggilan serangan pulau the turtle island, due to the fact that it is digunakan to each other the turtles.At Tanjung Benoa Beach, tourists can have perbedaan activities, seperti as swimming, sailing, waterskiing, and surfing. Surfing is a water sport of riding waves that are coming towards the coast by kedudukan or lied on a special board called surfboard. The is a really enjoyable and impressive sport. Paling surfing lovers panggilan it together the paling challenging water sport, together it requirements skill, strength, and also bravery. The others think the it is a an extremely dangerous sport, as it fights against the dangerous tide of sea.Apart indigenous swimming, snorkeling and diving are juga the kinds of water sports favored by the tourist. With diving googles, the beauty of Bali marine park have the right to be viewed. Those who cannot dive can also enjoy the beauty of the marine park with the glass bottomed motor watercrafts that space specially noted for the tourists.15. Apa can be viewed through the diving goggles?a. The beauty, beauty of the naval parkb. The beauty, beauty of the Mertasari Harbourc. The watch of Tanjung Benoad. The check out of the big wavese. The turtle islandAnswer: aPembahasan: disebutkan batin teks paragraf terakhir16. Which of statements is no true around the text?a. Tanjung Benoa is a beach kota located in Nusa Dua bali.b. Tanjung Benoa is a really famous beach in Nusa Dua Bali.c. Tourists have the right to enjoy plenty of kinds the water sporting activities in Tanjung Benoa.d. Tourists who cannot dive can juga enjoy the beauty of the maritime park.e. Tourists deserve to visit the turtle island which is digunakan to breed the turtles.Answer: bPembahasan: noël disebutkan di dalam teks17. “Those who cannot …” (Paragraph three) The word those refers to ….a. Touristsb. Water sportc. Turtlesd. Swimming and divinge. IslandAnswer: aPembahasan: merepresentasikan “tourist’ dalam kalimat sebelumnya18. What does paragraph 3 discuss?a. The water sporting activities of Tanjung Benoa coast Town.b. Snorkeling and also diving are alternative tourism tasks in Tanjung Benoa.c. Surfing becomes the most favorite water sport in Tanjung Benoa.d. Tourist have the right to swim, dive, surf, and so on in Tanjung Benoa Beach.e. The turtle pulau is digunakan to breed the turtles.Answer: b19. Why is Serangan island called tortoise island? the is dubbed turtle island because ….a. It is tangan kedua to trade countless kinds of turtle.b. It is a ar where thousand turtles live naturally.c. It is digunakan to each other turtles.d. The is tangan kedua to breed and to profession turtles.e. The is digunakan to hunt turtles.Answer: cPembahasan: disebutkan dalam teks paragraf pertamaThe text is for questions no. 20-23Change the verbs right into past it is too dirty form!I go (20) to Bandung terakhir week. I am (21) over there for 3 days. I berjalan (22) in the streets of Bandung and also visited Vanda Park. I take (23) a lot of photos of this beautiful city. I was therefore happy.20. A. Go b. Go c. Unable to do d. Has actually e. WentAnswer: ePembahasan: bentuk pas tense dari ‘go’21. A. Is b. Was c. Am d. Dulu e. AreAnswer: bPembahasan: bentuk previous tense dari ‘am’ (be)22. A. Walked b. Wade c. Walk d. Walks e. Was walkingAnswer: aPembahasan: bentuk pas tense dari ‘walk’23. A. Ambil b. Ambil c. Tooks d. Took e. TakenAnswer: dPembahasan: bentuk past Tense dari ‘take’This conversation is for concerns no. 24-26Putri : “Happy Birthday, Dita.”Dita : “Thanks.”Putri : “(24) ….”Dita : “thank you for saying so. Girlfriend look beautiful through that dress, Putri.”Putri : “Thanks. Look, Echa is coming! (25) …”Dita : “She Look for this reason cute through her new haircut.”Putri : “Yes, you’re right.”Echa : “Hi, Dita. Happy birthday to you.”Dita : “Thank friend so much. And also I’d prefer to (26) … you on winning the first harga of the photography competitionEcha : “Never mind.”Putri : “I think You’re a genius.”Echa : “Oh, give thanks to you.”Dita : “Anyway, let’s mulai the party!”24. A. Is it your red dress? b. You look charming in the red dress. C. The dress doesn’t bugar you. D. You don’t watch cute through the red dress e. Whose dress is it?Answer: bPembahasan: memberi pujian buat pada kalimat selanjutnya, Dita suci terima kasih25. A. She is therefore pretty. B. She is so ordinary. C. Is it really her? d. She looks awkward. E. She look at nervous.Answer: aPembahasan: memberi pujian adalah pilihan yang tepat26. A. Welcome b. Gratitude c. Congratulate d. Say thanks to e. WishAnswer: cPembahasan: kata yang tepat untuk melengkapi sentence tersebut adalah congratulateThe message is for inquiries no. 27-30