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They say that laughter is the best obat-obatan and Elsa Pataky appears to agree.

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The Spanish actress and also model, 45, opened up about her marital relationship to chris Hemsworth, 37, in a brand-new interview, sharing maafkan saya the “Thor” actor does during tense moments in anda relationship come “lighten the mood.”

“We reap doing the very same stuff and chris has a an excellent sense that humour and untuk mengetahui how to bawa pulang the sting the end of things,” Pataky called Hola! magazine.

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“He always makes me and also the kids laugh or when I’m angry, he tells a joke to lighten the mood,” she added. “Humour counts because that a lot. More than anything, I reap laughing with him.”

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Pataky and also Hemsworth wed in December 2010 after just dating for a couple of months. They posting ulang nine-year-old daughter India and also seven-year-old pair sons, Tristan and also Sasha.

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Previously based in L.A., the couple moved to Byron Bay, Australia in 2014. They newly relocated to Sydney for occupational projects, and, while the movie is only temporary, Pataky has actually not enjoyed the change.

“I definitely couldn’t live in again. It’s no for me,” the actress recently told The Sydney Morning Herald.

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“The children were longing come revert kembali to gift barefoot savages,” she added. “ is whereby we belong, wherein my youngsters have grown up.”

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Pataky also said she and also Hemsworth have no regrets about leaving L.A. Because that Hemsworth’s native Australia. “Byron has actually been beautiful,” she effused. “We do the ideal decision in 2014 to leave L.A. And come come Australia – it’s been great for the youngsters to be in nature, enjoy animals and go steed riding.”

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