Growing best 56 centimeter Channa marulius is too large for paling aquarium setups. Because that a large snakehead this species is relatively peaceful, combining them through other large fishspecies appears possible.

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Channa, typically known together Snakeheads, are primitive predatory fish and members that the family Channidae. They space a group of perciform (perch-like) fishes who affinities space unknown, although current studies top top the molecular phylogeny of bony fishes take into consideration snakeheads as paling closely pertained to the labyrinth fishes (anabantoids) and the synbranchiform eels, which incorporate the spiny eels.

The genus Channa consists of 31 species that are indigenous thoughout Asia from are native fromsoutheastern Iran and eastern Afghanistan eastward with Pakistan, India, southernNepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Sumatra, Indonesia,Vietnam, Korea, and China northward into Siberia.3 varieties of the closely related genera Parachanna are native to parts of Africa.


Channa marulioides inhabits larger rivers and also inland lakes. Similar to C. Micropeltes Channa marulioides is among the few pelagic Snakeheads. In contract to most Snakeheads this types is quite docile and tolerant come specimens of the same types or other ukurannya besar fish. Aggression tingkat increases somewhat when specimens the Channa marulioides menjadi sxually mature.

Although certainly kecil fish is on the menu, Channa marulioides is dedicated in searching crustuceans. Channa marulioidis is very comparable to the varieties C. Marulius (maruliodes even means ‘something like marulius’). C. Maruliodes is distinguishable through the ocellus close to the tail, which will certainly fade when specimens reach 50 cm.

The aquarium

Because the its size Channa marulioidis is not rather a perfect fish for maintaining in a aquarium. To keep a mature couple a very ukurannya besar aquarium is necessary. Thick planted areas with a lot of swimmingroom is needed and also serveral dark spot are appreciated.

The temperature have the right to be collection between 24-28 levels Celsius. General hardness and also pH worths are not crucial – hanya avoid extremes.

A typical misconception is that air breathing fish live in stagnant, foul water in the wild and that clean water problems are therefore not important in the aquarium. While paling species can tolerate a wide range of water conditions, countless fare poorly when water problems deteriorate or experience rapid alters (as in a substantial waterchange). A many snakeheads are shed by beginning of the person or advanced aquarist because of huge waterchanges and also too fast tank introduction. 15% waterchange a week need to be ok. Great filtration is necessary, otherwise the quantity of food will damage the water fast.

Channa are an excellent escape artists. With anda muscled tubuh they have the right to squeeze themselves despite every gap and also even lift the cover. A tight fitting cover is a must.

Channa need to breath air otherwise they drown, which requires an airgap in between the waterlevel and also the sheathe of the tank


Carnivorous. Every livefood will certainly be eaten. Regularly the fish will accept frozen food, chunks of fish and even sinking meaty pellets. Don’t feeding the fish beef or chicken meat. Some of the lipids from this meat resource cannot be effectively metabolised by the fish and also may cause excess fat deposits and also even body organ degeneration. Young snakeheads require feeding ~ above a daily basis ketika they are growing, however once they with 30 cm, 2-4 feeds a week will execute fine. This fish do not require day-to-day feeding as frequently believed. In fact, a fasting period for suitable digestion is a healthy way to avoid interior bacterial growth and constipation which might likely an outcome in bloating.

Grown fish should be fed using forceps come prevent injury – come the human.

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Breeding Channa marulioidis requires space, specifically for keeping a many young fish. It is claimed the species breeds in november. Eggs are berbaring in substrate very first and will certainly raise to the surface. Parental will show extensive and enduring parental care. Once the young ini adalah freeswimming, parents will tour approximately with them, comparable to duck with their sibblings. Parents defend anda young through force. Throughout this ketentuan they will attack anything that moves within of close to the aquarium. Once not enough room is offered, periodically parents will assault each other.