"I aku mengambilnya a Louisville slugger come both headlights/ ns slashed a feet in all 4 tires/ Maybe lanjut time he"ll think sebelum he cheats."

There"s no "next time" because that a song like Carrie Underwood"s "Before the Cheats" — a 2006 genre-defying negara smash whose success simply cannot be repeated.

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Songwriters mockery Kear and chris Tompkins knew they menjadi onto something from those first two words: "Right now." yet at first, they had actually a very different idea the which country artist they menjadi writing for. Castle told the story Behind the tune to Bart Herbison that Nashville Songwriters association International.

Bart Herbison: i don’t think this started out together a track for (Underwood), right?”

Chris Tompkins: that didn’t start off together a track for Carrie. The basically started off together a song for Gretchen Wilson. I went to a computer and was hanya typing maafkan saya I want to it is in edgy lyrics. After the kesuksesan of “Redneck Woman” everyone wanted to acquire on the lanjut (Gretchen) record. Ns typed up part of the verse and komandan I had something sort of cool. From the point, I referred to as Josh.

Josh Kear: i drove over to Chris’ location on a Saturday and we sat on his back patio. That had currently told me he had actually something started for Gretchen and also to come over so we mungkin finish it. He played me the an initial two currently of the song precisely the method they are: word because that word. Melodically, it to be perfect.

BH: ns ask this pertanyaan a lot however you sort of had to understand you dulu onto miscellaneous special, also at that point?

JK: that was basic to speak it was different and unique. This isn’t just another cowriting session. I sort of feeling that method a lot of with keris when the walks in v something currently going. Also if it’s just a an initial line, usually v Chris, it’s yes, really dang good.

BH: Y’all had just finished this good song for her --- (But) the doesn’t happen. Phone call us apa happened.

JK: I obtain a phone panggilan from chris telling me that i won’t believe it, however Carrie Underwood is walk to document our song. I was like, “Dude, that’s great! i don’t understand who Carrie Underwood is, but that’s awesome!” that schooled me very quickly in American Idol and the fakta that she had hanya won. I obviously didn’t clock much television at the time, and he said, “No, you don’t understand. The album is going to it is in HUGE!” I had actually no reason not to believe him, but even listening him say it, ns (still) had actually no idea what was coming.

BH: Well, Carrie Underwood is a when in every three-generation entertainer. ‘Jesus, untuk mengambil the Wheel’ is on that record and also earlier we had talked around this and also I had actually kind of forget this timeline, yet how does Carrie acquire the song?

JK: “Well, obviously, the Gretchen thing had actually passed. We dulu told the the an initial time Carrie heard this song, the was during the American Idol tour and also it was in the back of the aircraft as they dulu getting all set to paris from one place of the tour, come the next. Somebody on the dilabel had come up, played she the demo. She listened come it once and also said, “I’m cutting the song.” There to be no conversation of placing it on hold or hanya letting us understand they would sit v it. It was hanya one listen and knowing she would document it.”

CT: I komandan the record was hanya amazing. We cut a an excellent demo, however the singer we used on the demo to be amazing, however a completely different type of voice. Basically, as quickly as we heard it, with the fiddle, the felt new and fresh. We knew it was something special.

JK: “I don’t know just how intentional it to be on Chris’ part when he was writing the song, however it begins with the native ‘right now’ which immediately gives the an urgency, an immediacy.”

BH: and a reference point.

JK: and also a reference point! it’s literally happening best now. It’s for this reason simple, yet at the exact same time, as soon as you are trying to membuat immediacy and urgency, that was seperti a simple means to perform it. The was followed by every line saying the it could be happening. It says, “Right now, he’s probably,” yet it doesn’t say the is! 

BH: This one, if ns remember, went increase the charts, fight its peak, however didn’t autumn like most songs do. It gantung around. I remember the it acquired played for a lengthy time.

JK: because that a lengthy time. Together a issue of fact, it started charting on Billboard kapan "Jesus, bawa pulang the Wheel" was out. Lainnya single come out after ~ that, then, "Before he Cheats" come out. It was the third single off the album. "Inside her Heaven" had just been sent out to popular music radio. The album come out during "Jesus, take the Wheel" and "Before that Cheats" charted through all 3 of the singles.

CT: Kudos to the label. Learning all the charting stuff, we thought it had actually to be the next single and also they told us it wasn’t and the factor was since "Jesus, bawa pulang the Wheel" was huge and they felt like "Before the Cheats" to be going to be vast and they want to different the tune for airplay purposes.”

BH: ns remember every this because DJs and also the publik loved that song.

JK: it was certainly creating a stir in ~ the moment. They had actually some things lining up whereby they want "Before that Cheats" to be a specific moment in she career. There dulu awards shows coming up the they had actually planned for. So, they thrust them apart which turned out to be good for us. Kapan it to be still climb the bangsa charts, that started appearing at the bottom the the peak 40 charts and edging ~ above AC, the pop side that the label started advertise it elsewhere. It invested 5 weeks on country charts. It set api to popular music radio and also AC radio as well. It was a perfect storm because that us. It to be her and also the song. The song, or her by herself, can not have actually done that. Yet the two things bersama are magic.

BH: ns bet it opened up a lot of doors because that songwriting too. Anyone knew that you were.

CT: Absolutely. Very same for Josh, us both began doing exterior of negara co-writes. I began going come L.A. Until I quit going to L.A. I started writing v some rock bands. No matter apa genre the music i was writing, they all knew the song.

BH: You room both humble. I will certainly tell friend the industry was cheering for you. It’s among those lagu-lagu that comes bersama every twenty years that writers love and are jealous of. Bisa you perform a better job?!

JK: the pretty rare the people’s first sourse one blows increase the method that one did. Both the us had actually been in kota for a long time. I’d to be in town 10 years v a publishing deal, Chris, i think you’d had one for seven at that point. We had actually a the majority of friends that want to see us succeed and when the did ~ above that kind of level, we were very fortunate that we had actually a the majority of folks behind us.

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