Ever wondered exactly how you deserve to upload videos longer than 2 minutes and also 20 secs on Twitter? Twitter limits the length of videos posted on the site, come 140 seconds. So, you could have this long video that you desire to share, and also because of that restriction it is in compelled to either tweet hanya part the the video, or tret the video in pieces. Yet there is a way to go around this limitation and bagikan a video of as much as 10 minutes in length. The an enig is using Twitter Media Studio.

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Media Studio is a platform to manage, measure and monetize her videos top top Twitter. This alat is draft for setiap orang who advertise on Twitter. It enables you to do more with her media files, more especially videos by improving dari mereka quality, because that instance; changing thumbnails, adding titles, captions, call to kerja buttons, and also much more. You can tambahan manage your formerly uploaded content, consisting of videos, images, and GIFs the you uploaded on Twitter, and also even create new tweets the include any kind of media in your library. In addition to that, Twitter Media Studio has features that tolong you manage media across multiple accounts and users.

If girlfriend wan come upload a video on Twitter that’s more than 2 minutes and 20 secs long, here is a overview to membantu you out.

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Go come Media Studio Library, girlfriend will have to log in through your Twitter account. If you space unable to accessibility the Media Studio then;Once logged in, you will watch the media papers i.e photos, videos and also gifs, girlfriend will juga have an option to upload brand-new mediaClick/tap top top the ‘Upload Media’ button to upload the video clip you desire from your device. You deserve to upload numerous videos at once. The video(s) you desire to upload, must be;MP4 or MOVLess 보다 1GBUp come 10 minutes in bruto lengthOnce your choose the video clip you want to upload, the upload will mulailah automatically, and you can check the perkembangan of the upload in the Media StudioAfter uploading the video, you can edit it; collection a thumbnail, add a video title and description, add subtitles, add a call-to-action button, include geotargeting alternatives or add a video categoryTwitter Media Studio saves every one of the update you do to your video automaticallyOnce you have added all your wanted elements, you deserve to proceed to tt the video clip right from your media libraryClick the blue tret button in the lower-right corner of the video clip you desire to tweet, create the message of her tweet, and kemudian click the ‘Tweet’ button.You can also schedule the tt in Media Studio. To schedule a tweet, click the ‘Tweet’ switch in the lower left the the video, create the message for her tweet, and also click the ‘Schedule’ option. After ~ you pick a date and also time come publish the tweet, click ‘Tweet’ for this reason your content is released at the preselected time

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