If friend are melihat a non-activated version of Windows, yes a high chance that you have seen the “Activate home windows 10 – walk to settings to activate Windows” watermark on your desktop. If friend have obtained the product vital from Microsoft keep or a retailer, you deserve to use it come activate your home windows 10 and that will eliminate the watermark.

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2. Once Command Prompt opens up up, type this command and also hit Enter.

bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF3. If everything goes good, you’ll see “Operation menyelesaikan successfully” together a result. Restart your windows PC/Laptop.

Once friend restart your PC, you’ll check out that you got rid of the Activate home windows watermark.

4. Remove Activate home windows Watermark v a Script

Although there room many ways to remove the Activate windows watermark, one of those methods is melihat a script. Untuk berlari this script can get rid of the Activate windows watermark.

1. Click Start > search for Notepad and hit Enter.

2. As soon as opened, copy and paste the below text come the Notepad.

3. After ~ pasting this text, walk to File > save As and give the paper name together windows.cmd only. Choose “All files” from the conserve as type dropdown menu.

4. Save the file on Desktop for easier access, and click Save.

5. Now close the notepad, and also go to the Desktop. Right-click on the “windows.cmd” record and choose “Run as administrator.” select “Yes” if triggered by UAC.

6. When the script runs, restart your computer.

After restarting her PC/Laptop, the Activate home windows watermark will be gone.

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5. Remove Activate windows Watermark via lull of Access

You can juga remove the Activate windows watermark penampilan Ease of accessibility option, i beg your pardon is built in Windows. Sebelum you go haywire, here’s how to execute that.